Sunday, April 20, 2008

REVERB 2008!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend was Reverb 2008 hosted by our own Mountain Christian Church - it was the most amazing student conference I have ever attended!! The worship was incredible, the teaching phenomenal, and the comedy group stinkin' hysterical!! It was a great time to grow closer with my girls and experience them growing so strong in their faith...... already looking forward to REVERB 2009!!!! (after I forget about the lack of sleep part)

To see all my pictures from Reverb go to my site and enter the password "reverb" under the client section.


Nana said...

+Not sure what Reverb is, I take it it was a conference for youth. Looks like a great time and the pictures were great. I love the way you capture the action in them. My sister views your site and said you are definately a Professional. Love seeing the pictures.

Florida Girl said...

This sounds/looks like it was really awesome. There is nothing neater than our kids being involved in really meaningful activities like this. Your pictures are really great. I felt like I was there. Mission accomplished.

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Wow - what a compliment Pam - thanks! It was an amazing weekend.