Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Back To School 2013

 It's that time of year again already.  Every summer seems to fly by faster than the one before.  This summer was filled with plenty of fun and getting Punkin ready for college.  It's so strange to snap these first day of school pictures with just two girls instead of three.  Punkin is absolutely LOVING college and seems like she was just made for it.  On this day last year I was a mess - the first time I had all three girls in school all day - THIS year is completely different, one away at college and already thriving and these two more than ready to go back - and I finally have hours every day to think a clear thought, get my house organized again, actually get the laundry caught up and all of those parts of being a homemaker that I love.  Of course, along with running my photography business and substitute teaching.  :)  And I will definitely be getting caught up on the blog - I haven't even posted our vacation pictures yet from July!
 Boo is in second grade this year and Banana is in 8th. 

 How do my children get taller than me so quickly? 
 While Banana is very sad (possibly even bitter) than Punkin is no longer at the upper school with her, she does finally have her buddy Madison there with her.  Because of the way their birthdays fall, they are in separate grades, so now they are back together in the same building.  

 I HATE that this picture is  blurry, but I just adored how they walked into school together holding hands.  So sweet - these two have been buddies since birth. We are so blessed with this community of like-minded people that we get to "do life with".  Seems like yesterday Banana was convincing Madison of how much she was going to love kindergarten. 
 Precious little glance before they had to part ways..... 
 Back with her school friends. 
 Little Miss Boo is in second grade - she is SUPER excited to learn about Egyptian history this year, always the highlight of second grade.  She is so excited to have Miss Kallmyer this year - she has waited so long to do all the things her big sisters have done. 

 And this little man - I could just eat him up. 

 There's just nothing like the excitement of seeing your old friends again on the first day of school. 
 These three are so excited to get to sit together. 
Happy First Day of School - I hope it's a great year! 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kirsten's Horse Show - Bel Air Equestrian