Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cherry Blossoms ~ Washington DC

 We finally had a beautiful warm spring day so we decided to go see the cherry blossoms in DC.  We boarded a boat to cruise along the Potomac River in Georgetown.  There happened to be the George Washington University Crew Invitational going on which was fun to watch while we were waiting for the boat.
 Georgetown is beautiful! 

 We cruised right by the famous Watergate Hotel.

 The Arlington House off in the distance - by the Arlington Cemetery. 

 I snapped this shot of an unusual view from the river of the back of the Lincoln Memorial perfectly lined up with the Washington Monument behind it. 

 The cherry blossoms in the above picture over to the right are the original cherry trees that Japan gifted to America over 100 years ago - which is when the cherry blossom tradition in DC began! That footbridge there is the entrance to the Tidal Basin. 

 Watching the Coast Guard fly over!

 A fun view of one of the crew teams lowering their boat into the water. 
 After our cruise we walked over to the Lincoln Memorial stopping at some cherry trees along the way.