Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Days

 bike riding with friends
 cool morning breezes
 frisbee with "Mr Ireland"
 wet grass
 pampered pooches
 dog sitting Charlie
 imagination on the deck
 owls and raccoons
 marbles and tube tracks
 I think I need a little boy

 quiet reading spots

 I think I want to keep him

 these guys probably don't agree with me

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bel Air Equestrian - Cherokee Raiders Show 2012

 This summer my Punkin has been working with a new horse - Stanley.  This was her first time showing him - he used to be a race horse and has pretty much just been hanging around the barn and fields for about two years.  She had her work cut out for her - he is one STUBBORN horse! It's a perfect match.  :)
 Her trainer Leigh and sweet Dessa - remember this show when she was just a tiny newborn?
 getting ready....
 It was crazy hot and humid, but there was a nice breeze most of the day.
 My Banana protecting her sun-kissed cheeks, while looking like she was at the Kentucky Derby :)

 The girls found a sweet shady spot to spend some time.

Stanley had some colic issues today - not a great start for show day.

 Barn friends!

 Are those the most stunning eyes ever?
so sweet

 Mr. Stanley doesn't like to put his head in the proper position - something she is working on a lot lately.

 She competed in a pretty large class, about 12 I think.
 Look at that rotten boy and that head!
 I do believe he has his eyes closed!! Stinker.

 He started his first jump course really well - she has only been jumping him for about six weeks.
 Aaaaaaand then he slammed on the brakes! EEEK!!  Momma's heart dropped.  This was actually the second or third time around and he kept doing this - the first time she barely held on, was practically on top of his neck, and poles were flying! Sheesh, it takes a few minutes off my life each time.
 But this little fella doesn't know that SHE is much more stubborn than he is.   She wasn't going to leave that ring until he went over at least one more time - and she eventually succeeded.
 With a serious look of determination on her face  - LOVE IT!!!!

 Back to the flat classes. (Thank goodness)

 He was slightly more behaved after being put in his place.

 She got a 6th place ribbon in this class.

 And then Daddy gave him a STERN talking too....
 I do believe he still had an attitude.
 Just before she was about to do her last jumping class, a crazy thunderstorm blew up and she decided to just head back to the trailer.  They were able to get all the horses loaded and head out just before the storm hit.
 So proud of you Punkin!! You handled Stanley extremely well today - you amaze me at how driven, passionate and determined you are - love you to the moon and back.