Sunday, October 17, 2010


October Fun Show
50 degrees
crisp autumn morning

watching sunrise and drinking coffee
new blue vest
new blue sky

no riding jacket requirement
damp grass
gorgeous morning light
Smokey Joe's braided mane and tail

warm sunshine
new camera lens
Punkin love

little sisters

pretty horsey bum

the smell of saddle leather

braided knobbies
lots of time

Punkin peeking

horse joint problems
talk about joint supplements
lame horse

no ribbons
good experience
horse in pain - such a trooper

sweet Smokey Joe
Momma in love
horse eating my pretzels

horse hugs
petting his muzzle
feels like velvet
my babies holding babies

little girls everywhere
baby love
very wet diapers
change baby clothes
feed baby bottle

aching arms from holding baby
still can't put sleeping baby down
talking myself out of wanting another baby
finally give back the baby

warming up to 70 degrees
hubby flying home from Alabama
made it just in time for horse show
Alabama won :)



Such a beautiful day, so sorry we didn't get to spend it with you! You look great Kir!

September (or Susie) said...

Gorgeous pictures, and a beautiful horse! We are very fond of horses and my Hannah's favourite thing to do is ride :-) It looks like you have a lovely day xx

The Full Nelson said...

I used to ride back in the day...your pictures make me miss it terribly!

Nana said...

Great pictures. Kirsten you look like such a pro. Great weather. We had about the same temps today. Love all the pictures.

Alice said...

great post! beautiful horse - looks like a fun day!