Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hannah's Rainbow Party

 Happy 13th Birthday Hannah Beth!
 Rainbow colors

 Second try on a rainbow balloon wall
 Rainbow Dash love
 sweet friends
 birthday blessing prayers by Dad
silly girls

very entertaining little sisters
 lifetime friends

duct tape love
 and friends who understand duct tape love

and friends who understand bird love

 rainbow nail polish

 rainbow cupcakes

 sparkler fun

turned pyromaniacs

just dance wii


Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Happy 13th Birthday Hannah Beth!

 Hannah started her day with a Happy Birthday muffin...  
and a birthday braid hairstyle from big sister.  She celebrated at school with birthday cookies with her class.
 She had her favorite meatball dinner and then a mint chocolate chip cake - which was AMAZING!
 We had our little mini family party which of course Madison attended, since she is practically her sister... :) 

 Big sister Punkin knows her so well - she gave her a big roll of twine to use in the woods, as well as a seed starting kit - (and Kirsten's favorite herb garden seeds!)

 She is completely in love with this Japanese animated movie lately (???), so she also received the book it was based on. 

and the thing she very most wanted for her birthday was a pocket knife!! That's my Hannah! Welcome to the teenage years Hannah.  We love you!

Stay tuned for some fabulous pictures from her RAINBOW themed birthday party this weekend. 

Saturday, March 2, 2013


A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of bird sitting this fun fellow.  He is a sun conure, owned by Hannah's BFF Madison. 
 I had no idea that a bird could be as pleasant of a companion as a dog.  This little guy always wants to be with you, he is actually pretty bitter about being left in his cage for very long.  He likes to sit on your shoulder, climb all over you and taste your clothing, give kisses, groom your hair, eat off your dinner plate, and follow you around the room.  Believe it or not, he is even potty trained.  If you hold him over the potty - he performs.  It's quite fascinating. 

We even have the same favorite snack - pistachios.  Of course he is much more efficient at cracking them open than I am.   He would take them right out of my mouth if I let him. His pistachio lips in this picture just cracks me up.  He's a messy eater.  Just for the record, when I am a lonely old lady - I WILL be one of those crazy women who walks around talking to the bird on her shoulder - I'm just sayin - be prepared.