Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Garage Organization

 Okay this is embarrassing.  The BEFORE picture of our very messy garage.  I've been in crazy purge and organize mode here lately.  It's been fun trying to figure out why.  I'm pretty sure it could stem from the complete lack of control over my Punkin becoming an adult and making all her own decisions now.  Is it possible that controlling our "stuff" is a healthy outlet for letting her go?  Let's go with that.  Because I get a clean and organized house out of it! And I'm not hurting anyone in the process.  Win - Win!!  Stay tuned for a whole series on home organization in the coming months - because this momma is out of control organizing and I can't wait to share it all with you!  Now back to the garage.....   We had put in some shelving in the garage about ten years ago, but it wasn't terribly functional.  We couldn't reach most of it.  We had to have every available inch in there when I drove a mini-van, and then an SUV.  Now I have a wonderful little Honda Accord and we have some extra space in the garage now.

After lots and lots of measuring and researching, I decided to order three sets of these shelving units made by Sterilite.  I ordered them from Wal-Mart - a great way to get something large and bulky delivered for free without the hassle of trying to fit it all in your car to bring home from the store.   I do think a disclaimer is in order here - all the junk sitting on hubby's side of the garage was just placed there for a yard sale we were about to have.   We sold almost every bit of it - and what didn't go went away on the donation truck I had scheduled to come pick everything up the following Monday.  The white bags that look like trash are just old clothes and shoes and stuff for donation that I wasn't going to bother to try and sell at the yard sale. 

 And now the AFTER PICTURE!!!!
 TA-DAAAA!!!  Sooo much better.
 I also ordered this set of drawers from the same line as the shelving units.  In here we keep all the snow boots, sporting shoes, etc that are too bulky for the mudroom. I LOVE THIS!! It's been great to keep all the clutter off the floor.   We had a different system for recycling before - but now we don't have to sort it, it can all go out together, so these blue bins right by the door make it easy just to toss the recycle in.  Also - having a regular trash can in the garage has been the KEY to keeping a clean car.  I always make the kids take their trash out right away, and with the trash right there, it's easy.
 The girls wear these boots quite a bit, to the horse barn, or just to play outside when it's wet, or to go wading in the creek in the woods out back - so I left them on top for easy access.

 Here's a little bit of crazy for ya' - my husbands tools used to live on the floor of my linen closet.  That's right - crazy!! In what world does that make any sense at all?  After spending several hours sorting out and organizing all his tools they now have a happy little home in the garage - where they BELONG! After seeing pounds and pounds of screws, nails and such all loose in the bottom on the box they used to be in, I ran to Home Depot and picked up this organizer for only $14.99.  Sorting all that stuff was probably the most tedious part of this whole job.

 I love how it's all behind closed doors and now looks so neat and clean.

The other cabinets are for kids toys and sporting goods, and one is for lawn care and yard maintenance.
 Phase two of the garage makeover will include painting the floor, the entrance door and the steps - I'm thinking black for the door with a little white "Welcome" decal (which I have already ordered). :) 

 One more look at the organized clean garage! 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week in Review: The One with Leaf Man, Measurements and Substitute Teachers

It's been a few weeks since I shared a homeschool update.  Life has been so busy.  As I was uploading these pictures from the past few weeks, I love how it showed me what homeschooling really "IS".  So I wanted to share it with you.....

 Homeschooling is cracking up with mom over learning how important commas can be - do you "eat here, and get gas" or "eat here and get gas"?

 Homeschooling is measuring the rooms of your house by taking big huge steps to estimate a meter.
 Homeschooling is discovering that a "foot" doesn't necessarily mean a "foot".

 Homeschooling is taking nature walks every day with your dogs and bringing back so many treasures you can make a Leaf Man out of them.

 Or a Leaf Bird

 Homeschooling is being able to correctly label a map of Ancient Greece and Rome.
 Homeschooling is falling in love with Greek Mythology.

 Homeschooling is doing math in front of the fireplace in your pajamas.
 Homeschooling is Mommy snuggled in the big leather chair with the puppies reading wonderful stories out loud.

 Homeschooling is laughing and learning and loving history.
 Homeschooling is learning an acute angle....
 a right angle....
 an obtuse angle....

 parallel lines.....
 and perpendicular lines.
 Homeschooling is learning Latin together
 Homeschooling is learning how to write through the Institute for Excellence in Writing.
 All while pretending to be the American Girl Doll Samantha. 

 Homeschooling is being inspired by Beethoven.
 And then composing her own music - a song to welcome home her sister from college.

Homeschooling is engaging our brains in fun and colorful ways while listening to Mom read.
 Homeschooling is having big sister and her boyfriend teach lessons while they are home on break from college.

 Homeschooling is having fun with fractions and friends.
 Homeschooling is knocking the socks off big sister and Tim with her uncanny ability to classify and diagram grammar sentences, Shurley English style.

 Homeschooling is having dad teach math on his days off - because he is so much better at it than mom is.

 Homeschooling is doing your Bible lessons in your pajamas on the couch.
Homeschooling is doing math while standing over the vent the first time Mom turns on the heater for the season.

That's just a little glimpse of what homeschooling "IS" for us lately.

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