Wednesday, August 15, 2018

We Are Connected ~ A Timberdoodle Review

 Our first Timberdoodle product for this school year is the We Are Connected Dot to Dot Philadelphia!   We have always loved any kind of extreme dot to dot book around here - especially when they are so educational.  This book we received from Timberdoodle is all about the city of Philadelphia.   There is a map on the back of the book that shows famous landmarks with the corresponding page numbers.  We have actually spent some time in Philadelphia quite a number of times these past few years so this book helped "connect the dots" quite literally to places we have actually been! So fun! 

 I am always on the look out for simple activities that don't require too much brain work for read-aloud times or other times when we need to just keep our hands busy but still able to engage in listening or communicating or just being together as a family.  This book kept the interest of both my middle schooler and my soon to be college bound student (insert mommy tears here).  Honestly, I even enjoy doing these dot to dot books myself - they can be very satisfying!  The recommended age is 8+. You can even color them when you are finished.   The dots range anywhere from 156 to 1,690! Incredible!  Some puzzles even spread across both pages. 
 Timberdoodle even offers this book as part of their 11th grade curriculum kit so it truly does cross many age boundaries! A great activity for the entire family. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Kirsten's Bridal Shower

   It was an absolutely beautiful day for a bridal shower and very surreal and made this whole wedding thing feel REAL for the first time.

Kir was overwhelmed with so many thoughtful gifts and well wishes from friends and family near and far! 

All the bridesmaids except our missing Casey! 

The Webbs can always be counted on for a gag gift. 

My sweet Hannah-Banana made a handwritten cookbook for her sister and even added beautiful artwork to each page - what a treasure!

Two of Kir's original friends from way back when!

All three of my girls have a BFF named Maddie! 

Two of my favorite neighbors (plus a sweet baby girl that needs to show her sweet little face!) 

These ladies have been by my side through thick and thin since Kirsten was a tiny little girl - I don't know where I would be without them! 

The days are counting down to the wedding - only 20 days to go!