Thursday, May 19, 2016

Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit - A Timberdoodle Product Review

 We have another fun product review for The Timberdoodle Company!  This fun learning product is called the Mixed By Me Thinking Putty Kit.   We have used Thinking Putty in our homeschool for years and years now.  We were thrilled when Timberdoodle offered a kit to make and mix your very own! 

 First of all, I know you must be thinking, "What IS Thinking Putty?".  We discovered it back when our middle girl Banana was about Boo's age right now.   She was a mover and a shaker as an elementary aged kid and we discovered she actually learned best when she could be fidgeting and wiggling.  She was a very kinesthetic learner so having something that she could do with her hands was crucial! If she needed to listen to a read-aloud, grab the Thinking Putty!  Little Miss Boo is similar in that she needs to be moving or doing something while reciting memory work, listening or anything else that requires only using her brain.  Engaging her hands also helps her be able to think - I don't completely understand why, I just know it works for my kids.  Thinking Putty is somewhat similar to the well known silly putty but is a nice big chunk of silicone based putty that fills your hands.  Some of it is color-shifting, glow in the dark, heat-sensitive, pearlized and more! It is mesmerizing to play with and isn't just for kids! 

 The Mixed By Me Kit comes with five smaller pieces of thinking putty each in it's own container.  
 It also has a small tin full of color concentrates and special effects putty that you can add to mix your own unique putty.

 When you open one of the five customizable putty tins, you will find clear putty. 
 You can use the enclosed instructional mat to mix your putty on, but we found the counter worked just as well. 

 Be sure and have a cute puppy that sits on the kitchen counter like a cat while you mix your putty.  Or don't.  Either way, but we prefer a puppy presiding over the process. (And no, he doesn't ever try to jump down.)

 Then the fun part begins! Get creative and think up any kind of putty mixing magic that you can! 

 The Kit Includes: 

5 small tins hand packed with clear Thinking Putty (twist off the lid to remove!)
3 concentrated primary-colored putties

3 special effect putties

1 tin to hold your components
6 colored pencils
5 extra labels for your tins
1 instructional mat with formula suggestions from Crazy Aaron

 In the picture above, Boo chose just a small amount of putty to mix up (she loves it so much she rations the amounts so that she can make more!).  She had the clear on the bottom, she added some glittery sparkle concentrate, some glow in the dark concentrate and then some primary red concentrate.  It was interesting how she stretched it out before she mixed it all up. 
Then get mixing!!
 Next, you can color the label on your tin and NAME your putty and write it on the tin. 

 Boo quickly got to work making another custom putty color. This time she used the mat and read the advice on the instructional mat which was very helpful.  It tells you how concentrated each color is and whether to use a little or a lot of each color.  Some colors are more potent than others.  This would be a great way to teach little ones about primary color mixing. 

 Then the elusive teenager decided it may be fun to explore making her own Thinking Putty since she loved it so much as a kid (as long as I didn't take pictures of her face - insert eye roll here).

 So pretty! 

 Banana made a fun coral color that glows in the dark. 

 "All versions of the non-toxic, non-gooey Thinking Putty will bounce, stretch, tear, drip, snap, even shatter. Silicone-based, they will never dry out. "  Timberdoodle Co. 
Thinking Putty is fun for all ages and has been around our home for years!  If you have a kinesthetic learner, or just a kiddo who likes to fidget and needs to keep her hands busy this is just the thing for you.  Plus making your own just makes it even better!

*I was sent this product to review by The Timberdoodle Co. as a member of Timberdoodle's blog team.  All opinions are strictly our own. 

Friday, April 29, 2016

How to Frame a Bathroom Mirror

 Do you have one of those builder basic bathroom mirrors? It is so easy to add frame work around it to give it a more custom look. It only costs around $30 and it changes the whole feeling of your bathroom!

Here is a before and after side by side - what a difference! 

The first step is to measure the perimeter of your mirror and purchase your supplies.  You also need to check to see if you have mirror clips or not, and if so they may need to be changed out to the kind that sit more flush against the mirror so that you can easily lay the trim work on top of it.  You can see in the picture below how much more the plastic clip sticks out compared to the metal ones I just installed.  Here is a tip - install the new clips right beside the old ones before removing the old one.  I thought I would just switch them out one at a time but as soon as I took off the first one, the whole mirror shifted.  Apparently my mirrors did not have ANY glue on the back - yours probably will.

It was fun to check out all the different trim options available at Lowes.  I would suggest getting the already primed trim - the kind that isn't real wood, it's more like a composite plastic kind of trim.  It has a little more give to it than real wood and I think it's easier to work with. I cut all my pieces to size first.  Since I used the square decorative pieces on the ends, I only had 90 degree cuts to make which made it so much easier.  I also painted the trim before I put them up.  Be sure and paint the backside too - especially along the edge because you will see just a bit of it reflected in the mirror. 

I used liquid nails (the kind made for glass and mirrors) to adhere the trim to the mirror.  Another tip - if you also use hot glue at the same time, the hot glue dries very quickly and holds the trim firmly in place while the liquid nails sets - which can take up to 24 hours.  I glued the trim directly on to the mirror. Sometimes it overlapped on to the wall just a bit depending on how I lined it up. 

 I used painters tape to hold them on just to make sure they didn't slide at all.  My biggest fear is that they would shift in the night and I would have a piece of trim diagonally across the mirror permanently adhered with liquid nails - haha! The tape was an extra measure of protection so that I could get some sleep! 

 Another before and after from a different angle.  I finished off the edges with some paintable caulking where the joints meet each other. 

So simple yet such a difference - another one of those "why did I wait so long to do this" kind of project.  Now I just need to replace that builder grade faucet - haha!! 

Another project that was simple yet had a big impact was my stair banister makeover that you can see by clicking here.