Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Fairy Garden

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved fairies.  She always set up her dollhouse just so that the fairies might stop in for a visit. This little girl always noticed and marveled over the tiniest of things - like dew drops on flower petals, or sparkles in the snow, and just knew they were the work of the tiny fairies.

Spring had finally arrived and now the little girl was spending much of her time outdoors.  She looked for signs of fairies wherever she went.   Everyone always told her they weren't real, but she still believed.  Only those who believe can ever catch a glimpse of the beautiful, magical and mysterious beings. 

One day the little girls mother brought home a beautiful flowering plant.  Her mother told her it was called a "bleeding heart".  This was such a beautiful and mysterious flower that she was sure it would be just the spot for fairies to light upon during their busy spring time journeys.  

She decided it was the perfect spot to build an outdoor fairy home and garden. After all, her aunt had just sent her a package full of perfect fairy sized items.  She and her best friend and her mother worked and worked on making everything fairy ready.  A small birdhouse looked like just the right size for fairies to move in, so they gathered items to cover the house in to make it especially appealing to the tiny woodland creatures.  She even placed tiny little clay pots on the front steps with some itsy-bitsy lavender flowers to welcome her winged friends.

She placed colorful stones next to a fairy-sized bench just right for a fairy rest beside the stream of shining waters. 

Her big sister helped craft perfect little lamp posts for the fairies who may show up at dusk or dawn.  A message in a bottle awaits in anticipation of the first visitor.

Getting around in the fairy garden will be no problem with the handy ladders the little girls lovingly created. 

Even the tiniest of birds are welcome here. 

The woodland creatures will find a very snug home inside this acorn cap peaked roof with birch bark shingled house, and carefully stone built walls. 

 The tiniest creatures of the forest have found it to be a very pleasant home indeed. 
Fresh water is always readily available among the basil leaves for those who stop by. 

The beginnings of a "fairy ring" can already be seen.

 The tiniest "fairy journal" is waiting on the bench just beckoning to have secrets written inside. 
A corked bottle of invisible fairy dust is placed ever so carefully on the dining table. 

And the little girl and her best friend now wait in joyful anticipation to see who will be the first to make their home in the coziest of gardens that ever there was. 

The End  

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014