Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Emily's Emoji Party!

 My Boo turned 11 on 11-11!! It was her golden birthday and she had a ball.  She came up with the EMOJI theme for her birthday and planned out every detail.  I basically just followed directions!  At first I thought she was a little nuts but it actually turned out super cute.  What tween doesn't love emojis, Instagram and hashtags!?!
She even came up with this balloon idea from spending lots of time scouring Pinterest of course!  We sat in the driveway one day putting handfuls of sparkly confetti inside deflated clear balloons.  The day of the party we added a few drops of water and blew them up and the confetti clung to the sides perfectly! I was dreading one of them popping inside the house, but somehow not one of them did! AMAZING. 

 An Emoji party is just not complete without some emoji poop cupcakes! 

 These cookie pops were a labor of love from big sister Hannah-Banana! 
 Boo's favorite signature punch recipe she serves at every party.  These great milk bottles were found in the Target dollar spot - and made a cute party favor also! 

 Boo didn't want to use these sad Emojis in the party favor bags so we decided they could be sad sitting with the vegetables at the party. 

 She came up with this cute game of chocolate kiss memory - each kiss had a certain emoji sticker on the bottom and you had to find the right ones. 

 A backyard bonfire on a cool November evening was just the thing for the girls - which turned into a great game of hide-and-seek in the dark. 

 I was amazed at how WELL her friends knew her and knew just the things she would love - such thoughtful gifts and she squealed over each and every one. 

 A giant Emoji bean-bag was the perfect gift from Dad! 

 Her favorite gift was her very OWN first new bike.  Having two big sisters means you get plenty of hand-me-downs.  She finally has her own new bike that is just the right size for her.  

Happy Birthday Boo!! We love you!