Monday, March 31, 2008


She is really going to hate me for this one day, but it was just too cute not to capture. It's rare to find her without her Cinderella dress on lately, so when she was sitting there mid-tantrum, I just had to pull out the camera. Gotta love the snot and slobber... and the backwards tiara. It certainly stopped her tears and made her wonder what her crazy mom will take a picture of next. Oddly, after I did that, she didn't want to get up for a long time. Who knows what she was thinking????

Friday, March 28, 2008


We had these done of the girls when we were at Disney World. Ignore the strange glare on the glass. You can actually see my reflection on part of them. My stepmother Marion made these same silhouettes of my sisters and I when we were young. I asked my mom to find them, I can't wait to compare them to see how similar they might be. Hannah's hair is a little bit inaccurate, just a little longer than it really is. Thats because she had her hair up in her "princess do" when we had these done, and we had to just explain to the artist what it normally looks like. Guess we were a little off on the length. But in a few years, we will never remember how long her hair was. I think they are all an amazing likeness, especially Emily.


I think we have a little homemaker on our hands. Emily LOVES to do anything domestic. She decided she was going to make dinner "all by myself" tonight. She actually did a really good job! It was "tasty-tasty" as she would say.

We may all have Italian Seasoning breath for a few days though.


Hannah was "Artist of the Week" this week at school. She had a piece of her artwork hanging up in the hall.What made it really fun and special was that her BFF Madison was also artist of the week in First Grade, so their artwork hung right next to each other!!

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Emily has been "Cinderella" ever since we came home from Disney World. She decided to wash the dishes for me yesterday, princess style. Of course I ended up cleaning up even more mess than usual, but she had fun.


This is my side of the family, all my brothers and sisters except for my sister Karen and her family. Left to right, Aunt B, Chelsea, Emily, Hannah, Kirsten, Richard, my mom, my stepdad, Uncle Chris, Shea, Aunt Jennie, Uncle Danny, Grandma Dot
This is the house I grew up in - my parents still live there in the tiny town of Keystone Heights, Florida. There is only one red light, believe it or not. This is my mom with her baby. I noticed I happened to catch her baby picture on the table. We had all been looking at it that day and we all thought it looked just like Emily.My sister, my daughter, and my nieceShea, Kirsten, Beth, Emily, Chelsea, Hannah
My baby sister Beth

This wardrobe decision was not planned. My grandma Dot and I just HAPPENED to dress EXACTLY the same this day, down to the blue plaid shoes......either my grandma has a really hip sense of style, or............. lets not go there........

I have to explain this one. This is my sister Jennie. When we were young and got bored (easy to do in a one red-light town). We would hop in the car and drive to the "Jiffy" store, as that's what we called ALL convenience stores back then. We would get her either a cream soda or a grape soda, as these were her favorites. Then she would entertain us all with a rousing rendition of the alphabet spoken entirely in BURPS. Good thing we all eventually grow up........


Apparently, we have a new Easter tradition. The little ones work so very hard to gather all the eggs and put them so neatly in their baskets.
Then the Dads come along and start throwing their eggs at everyone. Nobody is safe. But don't worry, the eggs are plastic, and empty.

Emily was so funny, since she didn't remember this from last year, she just stood there looking at the eggs everywhere, and you just have to wonder what she was thinking. "After all that hard work, and now look."

She made the most of the situation though, she decided her empty bucket looked like a fun place to sit. You should have seen how cute it was when she got up and walked off with the bucket still stuck on her little bumpers. Mom was too slow with the camera.....


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


When I was in FL I had the pleasure of doing a family session with my sister's family. Here are a few of my favorites. You can see the rest on my site and enter the password "Pippin" under the client section.


Kirsten on Cinderella's Carousel.
Sweet Princess Anna Mae
Anna Mae and Emily sharing some Princess lollipops!

We had the MOST AMAZING day at Disney World with our friends the Webbs. Thanks to her incredible book - the day was an absolute Disney dream. I highly recommend "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World". I hate to admit it, but Disney is really not one of my favorite places. Growing up there, it just kind of lost it's magic to me, and all I remember about it was the crowds. I even had the opportunity to be in some of the parades as a kid with different school groups. But after this day, I have a new outlook on it all. I just never did it the right way. On this day there were over 64,000 people in the park, but we never waited in line anywhere more than 10 minutes. We even rode more rides than I ever had before in a day. And it was all because of the way we planned our day.
We enjoyed a breakfast with the characters at the Crystal Palace with Pooh Bear and all his friends. Emily just couldn't believe her eyes, she was so excited to see them all. She gave them all a big hug.
Disney's Philharmagic
Having so much fun with friends!

When the sun went down, we snatched up the best spot ever (thanks to our trusty book) on top of the main street train station. We sat there at the tables and had our dinner, and then the girls just danced and danced while we waited for the light parade to begin. Our spot was perfect viewing as the parade begin right there and went around the main street circle right in front of us, and we were up above the crazy crowds! And it was a perfect spot for viewing the fireworks too. Then, since we were right at the entrance we could scoot right out of there before the mob.Even Daddy had a little dance time.

The girls even created a conga line! It was a most magical day.