Sunday, March 2, 2008


Then it was Dad's turn to surprise his girls with tickets to see the Disney production of "High School Musical Tour". It was tricky to fit all the surprises in this weekend, but we managed to pull it all off with the HUGE help of great friends! Thanks guys! We took the big girls and had a simply magical evening. The show was at the Hippodrome which is one of the most beautiful theaters I have ever been in. The building itself is simply amazing. And the show was definitely VERY high on the list of the most incredible shows that I have seen. It was spectacular!

We were so dressed up weren't we??? Oh well, at least we were able to make it happen and we had a GREAT time!


Wife and Mom said...

I just said yesterday that I need to watch that movie. Kids at church talk about it all the time. I suppose if my boys were girls I would have already seen it. Looks like your girls had lots of fun.

Timeless and Treasured, Photography by Heather said...

Okay girl - what planet have you been on? Planet "I only have teenage boys" apparently. Even Boo knows all the words to the songs from HSM!! You HAVE to see the movie - it's great. I would call it the "Grease" of today. Except a whole lot cleaner and with a great wholesome underlying message. Your homework for this week - go rent the movie. Your boys will tolerate it for sure.