Thursday, March 27, 2008


This is my side of the family, all my brothers and sisters except for my sister Karen and her family. Left to right, Aunt B, Chelsea, Emily, Hannah, Kirsten, Richard, my mom, my stepdad, Uncle Chris, Shea, Aunt Jennie, Uncle Danny, Grandma Dot
This is the house I grew up in - my parents still live there in the tiny town of Keystone Heights, Florida. There is only one red light, believe it or not. This is my mom with her baby. I noticed I happened to catch her baby picture on the table. We had all been looking at it that day and we all thought it looked just like Emily.My sister, my daughter, and my nieceShea, Kirsten, Beth, Emily, Chelsea, Hannah
My baby sister Beth

This wardrobe decision was not planned. My grandma Dot and I just HAPPENED to dress EXACTLY the same this day, down to the blue plaid shoes......either my grandma has a really hip sense of style, or............. lets not go there........

I have to explain this one. This is my sister Jennie. When we were young and got bored (easy to do in a one red-light town). We would hop in the car and drive to the "Jiffy" store, as that's what we called ALL convenience stores back then. We would get her either a cream soda or a grape soda, as these were her favorites. Then she would entertain us all with a rousing rendition of the alphabet spoken entirely in BURPS. Good thing we all eventually grow up........


Florida Girl said...

OK, I obviously could not resist this comment opportunity:

Photo #1: Far left beyond the hedges is where you and I used to play on the bent over tree and make our "houses" out of simple raked out trails. I also still love to drive through those bending trees on Pointview. Go that way everytime because of them and usually think of Ed sneezing really loud. Random I know.

Photo #2: You must have not received the memo that we got a second red light about 2 years ago. It is down near First Baptist. We also have several turning lanes now so we are certainly big time now. hahaha

Photo #6: Never realized how much Beth reminds me of Ed.

Photo #8: The jiffy. What great memories. Just across the
railroad tracks. I used to go get the "Big League Chew" bubble gum and candy cigarettes. Cracks me up now that I used to glorify those habits in candy. haha

Love them all Heather.

Jennie said...

I love these pictures. but now everyone knows about my belching past.

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Some things just aren't sacred among siblings Jennie.

Pam- How on earth did I miss the second red light? Golly Day, whats this world coming to? Keystone has two red lights!

Kimberly said...

Pam-Isn't it so amazing the little memories a photo will remind you of sometimes?

Heather-These pics were so fun to look at. My favorite is the one of Jennie with the cream soda. I have the coolest memories like that with my brother and I think it's neat that you can capture the memory from before with a picture you took now. Does that make sense? Anyhow, great job!

Whitney's Latest said...

Wow, Keystone has DEFINITLEY changed from when you and Mrs. Pam were kids from now. We now have more than 1 grocery store, 2 red lights, a Wendy's, a Hardee's, AND a McDonald's. It's quite insane actually. LOL.

Nice shots by the way!