Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Kirsten on Cinderella's Carousel.
Sweet Princess Anna Mae
Anna Mae and Emily sharing some Princess lollipops!

We had the MOST AMAZING day at Disney World with our friends the Webbs. Thanks to her incredible book - the day was an absolute Disney dream. I highly recommend "The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World". I hate to admit it, but Disney is really not one of my favorite places. Growing up there, it just kind of lost it's magic to me, and all I remember about it was the crowds. I even had the opportunity to be in some of the parades as a kid with different school groups. But after this day, I have a new outlook on it all. I just never did it the right way. On this day there were over 64,000 people in the park, but we never waited in line anywhere more than 10 minutes. We even rode more rides than I ever had before in a day. And it was all because of the way we planned our day.
We enjoyed a breakfast with the characters at the Crystal Palace with Pooh Bear and all his friends. Emily just couldn't believe her eyes, she was so excited to see them all. She gave them all a big hug.
Disney's Philharmagic
Having so much fun with friends!

When the sun went down, we snatched up the best spot ever (thanks to our trusty book) on top of the main street train station. We sat there at the tables and had our dinner, and then the girls just danced and danced while we waited for the light parade to begin. Our spot was perfect viewing as the parade begin right there and went around the main street circle right in front of us, and we were up above the crazy crowds! And it was a perfect spot for viewing the fireworks too. Then, since we were right at the entrance we could scoot right out of there before the mob.Even Daddy had a little dance time.

The girls even created a conga line! It was a most magical day.


Nana said...

Anita would agree with you 100%. Does look like a fun day.

Karen said...

I've been waiting for these pictures!! So glad it was a good experience! We have the same Disney memories...heat and long lines, and sticky band uniforms. But approaching it in a new way makes all the difference - another tip: go the week after Thanksgiving - it's empty - we walked onto everything and rode as many times as we wanted. We watched the parade from the same place, but didn't know it was the "secret" place! I love the pictures and Emily was the perfect age for the characters!

Karen said...

PS I LOOOOVE Anna Mae's lollipop picture - the softness of her dress against the hard concrete bench and the pop of color - awesome.