Thursday, March 20, 2008


Being an Aunt is so much fun! I went shopping yesterday with my sweetie nephew Tanek, who was adopted from Khazakstan, and had so much fun trying to keep up with him! His Auntie Heather picked out some cool new Nike's for him. These are his very first ones! I promise I didn't pose his cute little piggie toes this way, he did it all by himself! As soon as he is still long enough for me to get a good picture of his precious face, I'll post that too! Gotta love those Florida tan legs.


Wife and Mom said...

Here's a good "judge" of a photo like this . . . teenager Whitney said last night to me at church, "Hey Mrs. Pam--those shoes on Heather's blog are cool!" Enough said Heather. The teenager has spoken and in the world of shoes . . . they are my experts!

Our church absolutely loves Tanek. I overhear ladies talking about him sometimes that keep him in nursery. He's a sweetie.