Thursday, March 27, 2008


Apparently, we have a new Easter tradition. The little ones work so very hard to gather all the eggs and put them so neatly in their baskets.
Then the Dads come along and start throwing their eggs at everyone. Nobody is safe. But don't worry, the eggs are plastic, and empty.

Emily was so funny, since she didn't remember this from last year, she just stood there looking at the eggs everywhere, and you just have to wonder what she was thinking. "After all that hard work, and now look."

She made the most of the situation though, she decided her empty bucket looked like a fun place to sit. You should have seen how cute it was when she got up and walked off with the bucket still stuck on her little bumpers. Mom was too slow with the camera.....


Nana said...

It was a fun Easter.

Kimberly said...

Okay, this just cracks me up! Easter egg fight? Ouch! Looks like fun though!

Laura-Ann said...

your photography is beautiful
im sorry im a complete randomer
but its amazing (: