Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Nutcracker 2016 ~ Harford Dance Theatre

We had a very exciting Christmas season this year as Boo was in her very first Nutcracker ballet with Harford Dance Theatre.  She was a party girl in the opening scene, as well as the mouse that steals the Nutcracker in the battle scene.  She was originally cast as a Ginger child but was unable to accept that role due to a conflict with her company dance schedule.  She had a ball and is looking forward to many more Nutcrackers to come!  I was honored to be able to capture the entire show in photographs.  Boo was able to dance with several of her friends which made the experience even better.  Here she is with her friend Kerrigan. 

 Her BFF Anna was a Spanish dancer, marzipan and a flower.  Her friend Chloe was the ballerina doll and a Spanish dancer. 

 Chloe as the ballerina doll.

 Boo had a QUICK QUICK change between the party scene and the battle scene and was able to get into her mouse costume in under ONE minute - it was nerve wracking for sure! 

Watching her steal the Nutcracker was one of my favorite parts - it was so hard to tell the mice apart on stage!  

 I did not take the photo above on the right, one of the fellow cast members backstage got it - but I just love this one of my Boo's face as a mouse!  How do you like that quick change mouse face painted on in less than ten seconds? HA! 

Anna and Chloe as spanish dancers. 

 Anna in Marzipan.

 Kerrigan as a ginger child. 

Anna as a flower - this was Anna's first Nutcracker en pointe so it was very special!

 It was a wonderful first experience in The Nutcracker!