Saturday, May 31, 2008


I had the privelege last night, of photographing a military homecoming at the Aberdeen Proving Ground of the 20th Support Command. It was such an honor to be able to experience this family welcome home their "Captain", who had never even met his precious newborn son. I have never been able to personally shake the hand of a soldier, and thank him in my own words for what they do for our country, what an honor it was. There is quite a funny story that goes along with my adventure! First of all - let's say it was quite the learning experience for this natural light photographer, for this homecoming to be scheduled at 2:00 AM - there was no natural light... Now, getting through the security at the front gate of a military installation is....well..... not easy. I drive up to the gate, armed with my information that I was told I would need. The guard says to me "Your name is Heather and you are with WHO, here to photograph WHO? It's against regulations to take photographs on this property", I say "uh, Timeless and Treasured and here to photograph Captain Z.I.. for his homecoming reunion with his family" The guard starts speaking into his little speaker on his shoulder, "I have a Civilian here, a Heather O'Steen, claiming to be with a Timeless and Treasured Photography, she has no official clearance". It was really funny to hear my little business name in such an official way. Somehow, I don't think the guard understood why I was giggling. Let's just say that was JUST the beginning. After a very long and sorted ordeal, I eventually ended up with a police escort to my eventual destination (which was very round-about in nature), only after revealing my life history information to several military personnel, along with every piece of identification belonging to my person and my vehicle. I do believe I will rest a little easier tonight knowing full well that our military is ready and willing to protect our country at every cost, even from middle-of-the-night photographers. Enjoy the slideshow by entering the code "Irvine" under the client section at

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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Today was the end of year Egyptian Feast!! Our little Egyptians were very brave and ate only authentic Egyptian food for lunch. They had SOO much fun celebrating everything Egyptian today! To see more enter the password "feast" under the client section at

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


When I think back to Emily's two-year-old days, I will always remember these shoes. I love this picture of her. It's so very Emily.

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After our not-so-lovely day on Sunday, Monday turned out to be just great. We had our friends the Webbs over for a cookout and had a great time just hanging out and playing in the yard. We played until dark and the girls (all six of them!) had fun playing with glowsticks, instead of a bonfire - close enough, right?
Here's my boys behaving so sweetly. Notice the poor little collars they are wearing? They are being trained with an invisible fence for a few days. Poor things. They have actually learned REALLY quickly and are so good about staying in the yard now. The collars give them a warning beep if they get too close to the perimeter. Aren't they getting big?
The whole gang (minus the photographer), much like herding cats.
Boo and Maddie. She loves her so much.
Here we are thinking we look so sweet and pretty (well you know what I mean). We had no clue, yep that hubby belongs to me.
Funny faces with Daddy.

Hannah's snapdragons (did I tell you she has a green thumb?).

Only Emily can pull off playing football in a poodle skirt.
A little bit of friendly help....Quite possibly the worst-ever case of bed-head. This was after we learned of her "Bad Dweam" about the cow that was in her room in the night.

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Monday, May 26, 2008


My sisters were just talking about this memory on their blogs so I just had to blog the picture to go with it. This was June of 2006 at my sister Karen's house in Minnesota. We were in her backyard around a bonfire, and my sister Jennie (that would be the one in the parka) was soooooo cold, she was actually shivering. She is a Florida girl through and through. The rest of us seem to be able to adjust okay, but not poor Jennie. She was a popsicle. I have to admit, everyone DID strip off a layer for this picture, just because it was so stinkin funny.

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My favorite Sydney girl took this totally adorable picture and put it on her blog! I just had to share it here and brag on her a little. She is pretty awesome with her camera - along with two other somebodies I know and love very much (ahem, MADISON and AVERY!!)

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Sunday, May 25, 2008


This evening, the weather was so beautiful we decided to take the dogs to the promenade for a little walk. It was a little chilly (by FL standards, not MD), but it was gorgeous out. However, don't let the pictures fool way. Do you ever just have those kind of outings? It was altogether miserable. I'm still stewing. I thought maybe some photo editing and some blogging about it would help a little, maybe it would be a little therapeutic. Yeah, no. I'm still stewing. They say a picture can say a thousand words...... well, they can also tell a thousand lies.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008


Ever since I read last night about the Chapman family, I just can't get my mind to focus on anything else, though I keep trying. Every time I sit at my desk, I see his face on his CD cover, which has been there for months, and I pray for him. His latest CD "This Moment" has been in the CD player in my van for weeks now, and today every time I got in the van (which was a LOT today), I heard each song with a whole new perspective. It is almost chilling the way his words to his latest songs were so ordered by the Lord. His own music is going to carry them through, and at the same time cause such anger in their own hearts as they grieve. But as his lyrics say "the God who heals and rescues and restores" will be their constant.

What struck me most today, and left me continually in tears, was not only his "Cinderella" song, but the very first song on his CD. "Miracle of the Moment". It's about living in the moment, and not looking back, no regrets. I think it's so much like God that the first phrase on this CD is "It's time for letting go of all of our "if only's", cause we don't have a time machine". I have been so convicted today to live in the moment. To cherish every single minute we spend with our loved ones. To realize how quickly they can be taken away. God has every moments of our lives planned, and every hair on our heads are numbered, He is in Control. God is using this man and his music in a very powerful way, and with His mighty plan that we can't understand, his music will be even more so. My prayers are with this family, and most especially the teenage boy, may God use this tragedy to work in mighty ways in his life.

"Miracle of the Moment"

It's time for letting go all of our if only's

Cause we don't have a time machine

And even if we did, Would we really want to use it?

Would we really want to go change everything?

'Cause we are who and where and what we are for now

And this is the only moment we can do anything about

So breathe it in and breathe it out Listen to your heartbeat

There's a wonder in the here and now, It's right there in front of you

And I don't want you to miss the miracle of the moment.

There's only one who knows what's really out there waiting

In all the moments yet to be, And all we need to know

Is He's out there waiting, To Him the future's history

And He has given us a treasure called right now

And this is the only moment that we can do anything about

And if it brings you tears, then taste them as they fall

Let them soften your heart and if it brings you laughter

Then throw your head back And let it go, let it go

You gotta let it go.

Listen to your heartbeat

When a brother or sister in Christ is hurting, we hurt also. We carry their burdens. Our hearts are heavy with them. Kirsten's homeroom class broke into small groups this morning to pray for this family, there were many tears. Hannah's class prayed for them during devotions, her teacher cried, Hannah had never seen her cry. The world is lifting this family in prayer, and this will carry them when they can't carry themselves.

"Cause all too soon, the clock will strike midnight and she'll be gone..."

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This being our fourth summer living on Rhododendron Drive (hard to believe) we finally planted a few Rhododendron plants around the yard - they are in full bloom right now and are so beautiful!

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"Aahhhhhh, my favorite lap was finally still long enough for me to fall into a very deep sleep!"

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We used Hannah's fresh tomatoes to make this salsa - it was SOOO yummy!

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I just found out through the Audrey Caroline blog that Steven Curtis Chapman's five year old adopted daughter from China was killed this evening in their own driveway. Her older brother was driving into the driveway and didn't see her. Please pray for this family and for this man who is such an inspiration to others through his music. My heart is breaking for them.

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This is Julia and her mom Joanne - one of my very best friends in the world!! Joanne finally starting blogging - so make sure you check out her new blog - it's the first one on the list of my links. She has many years of wisdom (I'm not implying that she is old), from homeschooling to cooking entirely organic - she is very inspiring and I'm sure you will LOVE to catch her blog every day (the pressure is on Joanne). This family is so much fun - they have three girls, so it makes getting together with them so much fun! Everyone has a buddy - this is Julia, her and Hannah share the "middle child syndrome". They go to the same school, the same church, and are even in Sonflower Sisters together.

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