Sunday, May 11, 2008


Here are my sweet Mother's Day gifts - such wonderful treasures!! Yesterday was yard sale day in our neighborhood, so Emily picked out the lovely angel, and yellow bunny all by herself! Her and Hannah went shopping together on our street. Hannah found the wonderful picture frame photo album with pressed flowers. She also gave me the teeny-tiny bird that she bought on her last museum trip, along with a tiny flower pot charm. She loves tiny things. She even gave me her very last dollar... such sacrifice. Kirsten made me this beautiful painted wood frame, with flowers that she pressed and dried right out of our own yard.
And this could quite possibly be the most wonderful card I have ever received in my entire life.


Nana said...

Yes, a very Blessed mom indeed.

Florida Girl said...

I agree that this may be the most meaningful card you could ever receive. What an honor.