Saturday, May 17, 2008


I just had to take a pictures of Emily's "glass slippers" as she calls them. She wears these absolutely every day. When I have to put my foot down and insist on other shoes, it's not a pretty site. She has only had them for about a month, that shows you how much she really loves them. You probably remember seeing a picture of them on her when they were new on an earlier post. They have been well-loved but are about to be retired. I just can't look at them another day - don't worry. They are going to be replaced today!


Jennie said...

Princesses MUST have the proper shoes mommy.

Karen said...

They belong in a glass case - just like in the museums! and Jennie is right, she must have the proper shoes!

Lila said...

you have no idea how manny times she wears those! its a wonder they're still one piece!