Monday, May 5, 2008


Saturday morning, Hannah woke up to discover that her caterpillars are officially chrysalides! (pleural for chrysallis - we only know this because of Hannah's fascination resulting in much research!!) They are pretty gross looking to me. I thought they would like spin a web around themselves or something, but they just squiggled out of their spiky skin and puffed themselves up or something. Kinda gross. They are now safe and snug in their new butterfly habitat. This weekend we should have Painted Lady Butterflies!!

My two little lovies!!

And some Saturday morning "fort building" with Daddy. Kirsten missed out on this fun as she was taking the college board SAT test (trying to qualify for a high school scholarship). I can't wait to see the results as she jumped in the car when we picked her up and said "That wasn't hard at all!!" - She gets her brains from her Dad.


Nana said...

I think watching the cats turn into butterflys is cool. My 2 (from the yard just died, didn't turn into anything). THe lovies are SO cute. Can't wait to see them in real life. SAT's. Hard to believe it is that time already. A scholarship would be great. I am sure she will get one, because that is one smart girl. Way to go Kirsten. Hannah will end up doing something in nature I am sure. Her love for creatures is amazing.

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Nana - it's actually NOT time for the SAT's, she sat for them five years earlier than normal. It's just an evaluation to see where she is. This scholarship is a long-shot, only 15 are given nationwide, but it could lead to other things.

Anonymous said...

I love watching your butterflies. I hope you get some photos of them! Have you seen our baby birds?