Thursday, May 15, 2008


Today was so fun!! Brody and Bailey had their first playdate! Two of my friends brought over their puppies, who just happen to be siblings of my little boys! Brody and Bailey are on the left, then there is Copper and Ziggy on the right. It was a minor miracle to get this picture with three preschoolers and four puppies all looking the same direction!


My boys with their very first Mommy - this is my friend who breeds the Kings Charles Spaniels. They DEFINITELY remembered her and gave her so much love!
Pretty Kerrigan..No playdate would be complete without some two-year-old tears!
Cutie Caden..
A tuckered out Copper resting in the sand box!


Nana said...

These little dogs are So cute and so are the kids they belong to. How you ever got all of them looking at the same time is amazing. Just trying to get one 2 year old to look is hard for me. The picturs are so good.

Anonymous said...

Oh I am thoroughly enjoying browsing through your blog! That picture of the kids crying is just precious. Anyway, thank you for sharing your pictures with us!