Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Love that tongue!!
The boys had their very first taste of a rawhide chew bone today - they LOVED them! They were so cute. They didn't move with them for the longest time, they just chewed and chewed. The one of the boys would go and take the others away from him, so then they would just switch. They did that several times before Bailey decided that was enough, and he kept his to himself!! So cute!

Monday, April 28, 2008


Saturday was SUCH a beautiful day! Richard and I got so much yard work accomplished (pictures soon to follow). It was so nice out that we even let Emily skip her nap and she played outside absolutely all day long. Hannah and Emily enjoyed a picnic lunch outside. One of the things we have been working on outside is Hannah's Water/Butterfly garden. She thinks very hard about how she spends her money, and she always makes very wise choices. She decided to spend most of her birthday money on a butterfly and water garden. We have the water garden installed, and she has planted a butterfly garden all around it. It's a slow process, but it's coming along. She even caught some minnows and a frog from the stream and they are now living in her little pond. She used the rest of her money to order this Live Butterfly Garden that she can keep inside. We received the caterpillars in the mail on Friday. They were so tiny, we couldn't tell what were the actual caterpillars and what was poop!! It is unbelievable how fast these guys grow. This picture was taken on Sunday, I wish I had taken one on Friday. I think they triple in size every day. By the end of this week, they should have made their chrysallis and then we can watch them turn into butterflies! We'll be sure and keep you posted!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Today's post will have no picture - and there is a story behind the reason why. A few days ago, the trees in my yard were just bursting with beautiful blossoms and were just beginning to be blown away by the breeze in the most dreamy sort of way. By the way, I did figure out that the tree with the white blossoms is a pear tree. I was outside playing in the backyard with the girls. Emily's newest love is to swing - at EVERY possible minute. She has graduated from her baby swing that hangs off the deck, to the "big girl" swings and she thinks she is just too big for her britches now! Hannah was hobbling around with a broken broomstick, and an actual broom pretending to have a broken ankle, and was using them as crutches (??). Hannah discovered that if she hit the lower branches of the pear tree, that it showered down the dainty white petals just like snow. Emily was completely mesmerized. She started shrieking and giggling so loudly that she actually drew the attention of the neighbors, who thought something was wrong! She just danced and danced under the showering white petals while yelling "Mommy, its snowing, its snowing!!!" Hannah was just as joyful and danced right along with her. They both ran around and danced and fell down while being covered in petals, their hair turning absolutely white with petals. It was the most precious moment - and the whole time I kept thinking "I need to go run get my camera!" But then I just stopped, and I heard an almost audible voice that just said "Be still, and enjoy it, savor it, soak it in". It was then that I realized (again) how very fleeting moments like these are. Instead of always trying to capture everything on camera, sometimes I just need to "be still" and enjoy it for what it is. I am again reminded in moments like these how incredibly blessed I am to have three amazing, healthy children who run and laugh in God's creation, and still wonder in the amazement of it all. These petals that last only a few days and then are blown away is so symbolic of my own children's lives. They are here with me for only a moment in time, and will so quickly disappear just like the white petals. So, while I don't have an actual photograph to remember the day that they danced in the showering petals, I will always, always have the mental picture of that wonderful moment.

This morning I was reading an update on the blog and was so surprised to see that her latest post was all about cherry blossoms and the symbolism she discovered. In a way, it seemed to magnify those moments we spent together under the showering blossoms and inspired me to share them with you!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

REVERB 2008!!!!!!!!!!

This weekend was Reverb 2008 hosted by our own Mountain Christian Church - it was the most amazing student conference I have ever attended!! The worship was incredible, the teaching phenomenal, and the comedy group stinkin' hysterical!! It was a great time to grow closer with my girls and experience them growing so strong in their faith...... already looking forward to REVERB 2009!!!! (after I forget about the lack of sleep part)

To see all my pictures from Reverb go to my site and enter the password "reverb" under the client section.

Thursday, April 17, 2008




Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I think spring has officially arrived in Maryland! Everything is so beautiful right now - the trees are all covered with beautiful flowers that are just starting to gently float in the breeze as the new leaf buds are emerging. The trees behind my house are just bursting with green, more and more everyday.

This is a beautiful tree in my yard - the same one that I have a picture of covered in snow just a few months ago. I should know what kind it is, but I don't - any guesses anyone? They are everywhere around here. Is it some kind of maple tree? I was sitting at my kitchen table eating lunch with Emily the other day and I noticed the tree through our window and thought it made a very interesting frame for it.


Will everyone please leave a comment and tell me if you are able to see the whole pictures now that they are big? I have had two people tell me they are only seeing part of the pictures that I am posting. Has this issue been resolved?


Miss Emily is in a pink phase right now. She can only wear pink shoes, pink clothes, pink bows in her hair. She can only drink from a pink cup and eat off a pink plate. She even requested that we get a pink puppy! She is turning into such a little lady. I always thought Kirsten and Hannah were pretty "girlie" when they were little, but Miss Emily wins the "girlie prize" for sure! She has even started to bypass the Cinderella dress so that she can opt for something "more pink" now.

Thankfully I can add MY favorite color to pink, I love the combination of pink and brown. She looks just like her bedroom in this picture!! I actually had this dress hanging on her wall because it matched so well. Now she would wear this every day if I let her!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008


This is the family's blog of the lead singer in the group Selah. It's an amazing account of a very sad journey, still in the making. Be blessed when you read it, of God's unending power and grace. Have your tissues ready. Actually, you will need the entire box.

I have spent hours this afternoon reading through these pages. I had to go back and start at the beginning and there is still so much more to read. I had to stop for a while and regroup. Wow. I have experienced just a very small taste of what she is going through in my own life. To read her words brings the reality of those long ago days back so clearly. It is so very refreshing to know that He is in control of the tiniest details of our days, as well as the things that are so huge we can't even put them into words. I am overcome with so many thoughts - from overwhelming sorrow, to pure joy, to resting in His loving arms, to the unanswered questions that will always remain, knowing full well that He has a reason that they are unanswered. To the sheer overwhelming presence of Him in my life.

In this life, we are going to be disappointed. We will hurt. But there is great joy in the shadows if you know where to look. I pray that my family will always be willing to struggle "through the rain", for it's the rain that makes the grass so very green.


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