Saturday, April 12, 2008


I just wanted to update everyone on our babies. These little guys are like a dream! Everyone who comes to visit them just can't believe how wonderful they are. They are sooooo good. They are calm when you want them to be, but play rough and tough if you want them to. They just snuggle up to anyone who will hold them. They sleep ALL NIGHT long curled up together in their kennel. We don't hear one peep out of them! They just play with each other until they get tired, and then they both at the same exact time just walk over to their kennel and curl up and go to sleep! They LOVE their kennel. We have only had one tiny potty accident (which was really our own fault). I am so glad Richard suggested getting two of them, it really has made a huge difference. They are so happy and sweet. They are really calm and quiet puppies - I didn't know there was such a thing! We are all in puppy heaven.


Florida Girl said...

Precious dogs and great photos Heather. I am so glad that everything is going smoothly.

Juniper said...

Oh how cute!!! I could just eat them up! Maybe we can get our boys together for a Cavalier playdate! So tell them their brother, Copper sends them a big puppy kiss. I am so glad you have this blog! It is so wonderful to see what a great experience you are having and what a great home the puppies have! Heather, your photos are amazing. You can take pictures of my guys ANYTIME you want! :) I can't seem to get a single good picture??!!!

casey ryan said...

They are toooooooooo cute to be true