Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Well, I remembered to bring my camera this time! Her first haircut I completely missed because I forgot my camera. So we just pretended this was the "first" time! Emily absolutely LOVES getting her hair cut - she is all girl to the core. Anything and everything that makes her feel pretty, she adores. So, she had a grand time today, and everyone in the place knew how much she was enjoying herself. She got to watch her favorite movie "Cars" while they cut her hair. It was a hard choice between that and "Cinderella" (the well-rounded child). We then topped off our little girlie outing by going to Kohl's where Emily picked out some new spring dresses. She enjoyed herself just as much there - the cashier let her use the hand-held scanner to ring up her own dresses and she even "paid" all by herself with the debit card. What a fun girlie day Mommy and Boo had today.


Florida Girl said...

Emily is so gorgeous and I love that she loves all that attention. Her hair looks great.

Karen said...

Oh my goodness - such a cutie pa tootie!!!