Friday, April 4, 2008


While we were in FL, Hannah fell in love with caterpillars all over again. We haven't seen any around here for a long time. (But we are finally starting to see signs of spring!) Her Aunt Stephanie captured this one for her and it has entertained Hannah for hours and hours. Hannah was quite sure that he got carsick on the long drive home from FL. We noticed the other day, that it was shedding it's skin. So, we had a little internet lesson on the life of a caterpillar. It nows looks like a big huge white grub. We are hoping that it may be about to make a chrysallis. Hannah has used part of her birthday money to order a butterfly habitat, so she can have lots of these little guys and even get to watch them turn into butterflies!


Nana said...

Hannah it will be fun to watch him turn into a butterfly. We did this when your daddy & Aunt Stephanie were little and it was fun to watch it change.

Florida Girl said...

That is cool Hannah! I notice last night at Super Target that they have the neatest nature stuff in the toy department. Hey Heather--all we had was cleaned out jars and my Mom's spoons to lose. hahaha