Thursday, November 29, 2012

More Christopher Elf

Christopher has been quite busy around here lately - he is terribly excited that the Christmas decorations are all up.  We discovered that he loves Chick-Fil-A mint chocolate milkshakes as much as we do.  He also prefers colder temperatures inside the freezer. 

He fits in well around here as he has an appreciation for classical literature as well.  He was brushing up on some Mark Twain one day. 

He just about came unglued the day we brought out the Christmas decorations - he was into EVERYTHING! 

He does have a soft spot in his heart for baby Jesus. 

He likes to pack the kids lunches - so far he has chosen some pretty healthy options, but I'm keeping my eye on that one. 

He really seems to enjoy our reindeer.  We can hear him trotting all over the place on him in the night.  Who knew elves were nocturnal? Not I. 
Fortunately, we don't mind the reindeer droppings that seem to appear all over. 

He has pretty good taste in Christmas movies - he spotted an awesome sale while out shopping one day and picked up a movie for each girl - they were a hit! 

He needed a good  bath after we discovered him making snow angels in the powdered sugar.  But apparently Santa has him well-trained - at least he kept it confined to a tray.  Thank goodness that wasn't all over the floor! 

He keeps a close eye on what goes on from some very sneaky spots - we walked by him so many times on the front door before anyone realized he was there. 

And just this morning, he had gathered up some colorful ponies and was having a little devotion time.  I think I like this guy.  He's good fun to have around. 

To see more of what he has been up to around here - you can visit him HERE and HERE 

Photo Challenge Submission

Monday, November 26, 2012

Beautiful Ballerina

 I am so in love with these beautiful pictures of one of our very dear friends.  My Hannah-Banana and Miss Madison have been best buddies from day one.  Of course the mommas have been too! Madison's mom even helped bring little Miss Emily Boo into the world - very special friends.   I was honored to be able to capture Madison's "exquisite-ness" - she is an incredible dancer and devotes everything she has to the art of dance, and it shows! 

 Haha - I just had to include this one - a true friend becomes a seat for you to pull thorns out of your feet while dancing barefoot on a hilltop.  Yes, that's my sweet Hannah's bum right there.  :) 
 Seriously - where is her head? How does she bend like that? 

 It was so fun to use different lighting techniques as the sky was changing so quickly. 

I have so many more to share that I will post them in several listings. 

Friday, November 23, 2012

And the Christmas Season Begins

I've been having tons of fun with this new template design by The Sleeping Willow.  It's time to start putting up the Christmas decorations!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Count Your Blessings

Happy Thanksgiving

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's Christopher Elf Up To?

Mr. Christopher has been up to plenty of no-good around here.  He loves to climb and just hang around keeping an eye on everything. 

If you've ever seen the movie "Elf" then you know the four basic food groups for elves are 
"candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup".  He drank all of our syrup, we thought we heard a slurping straw sound in the night.  
Yes, he found the Halloween candy and helped hims"elf". 
Apparently he also felt the need to help hims"elf" to a Christmas movie, right in the middle of chore time. 
We think he misses the snow. Poor guy.  
We found a huge pile of wadded up napkins under where he was hanging upside down here, not quite sure why - maybe he was blowing his nose?  And also candy wrappers.  
This morning we woke up to this - for REAL Christopher???!!!!  He took himself a marshmallow bubble bath right on the kitchen counter.... 
and then ...ahem.... relieved himself as well - apparently when an elf diet consists of nothing but sugar, then chocolate chips make perfect sense. 

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