Sunday, November 11, 2012

It was a HOOT!!

My sweet little Boo turned 7 today - my goodness gracious how time flies.   She loves owls lately and we came up with all sorts of fun ideas for an owl themed birthday party.  

 I think the hit of the party were the owl party favors.  Each girl took home their very own owl with a unique personality.

Party decorations were mostly purchased from Party City - the Hippie Chick Collection.  perfect combination of two of her great loves, peace signs (??) and owls, the clip art for the invitations and other signs were from Etsy and can be found here. 

Owl charms were ordered from Oriental Trading.

 All the little owls had a great place to take a rest in a NEST!  (throw blanket covered  bean bags)

 God gave Miss Boo a spectacular birthday present - a beautiful sunset! The owls loved "flying" around the driveway as night was falling.

 They spent quite a bit of time in the nests, and did quite a bit of "hooting" as well.
 We made cute little fingerprint owl crafts that I ordered from here   along with the little owl charms. 
 And they had a "hoot" of time wearing their little owl clips in their hair.  I ordered the owls from HERE on Etsy, and just hot glued them onto hair clips.

 Look at those cute little owls wearing their "see in the dark" owl eyes! We turned out all the lights in the basement and they went on a night hunt searching for glowing owl eyes.  Each pair of eyes had a number on them that corresponded to their new owl friend.

 Hoot-Hoot- HOOO-RAY!!

We played a rousing game of "hoot-hoot-owl" (think duck-duck-goose).

 Whoooooooo loves celebrating Emily's birthday????

 Another favorite game was "momma owl/baby owl".  Momma owl flew away for a bit while all the baby owls gathered in the nest.  They all covered their beaks and only three babies called out "hoot-hoot" for momma owl.  Momma owl then had to try and guess which baby was making the hoot-owl calls.  This was a HUGE hit!  (thank you Aunt Webb)

 At cake and ice cream time, all the girls went around the table sharing a nice memory or blessed her with a prayer, or just told her something they love about her.  These girls were just so precious with the things they wanted to share.
And big sister even got a big hug for her "blessing" - sister words are so special! 

Everyone had a HOOT of a time - it was a party they will OWL-ways remember! 


Nana said...

Looks like a great hootin party. Love all the decorations.