Monday, November 26, 2012

Beautiful Ballerina

 I am so in love with these beautiful pictures of one of our very dear friends.  My Hannah-Banana and Miss Madison have been best buddies from day one.  Of course the mommas have been too! Madison's mom even helped bring little Miss Emily Boo into the world - very special friends.   I was honored to be able to capture Madison's "exquisite-ness" - she is an incredible dancer and devotes everything she has to the art of dance, and it shows! 

 Haha - I just had to include this one - a true friend becomes a seat for you to pull thorns out of your feet while dancing barefoot on a hilltop.  Yes, that's my sweet Hannah's bum right there.  :) 
 Seriously - where is her head? How does she bend like that? 

 It was so fun to use different lighting techniques as the sky was changing so quickly. 

I have so many more to share that I will post them in several listings. 


Elizabeth said...

Breathtaking pictures! I so wish I lived closer and could mentor underneath you. You are an amazingly talented photographer!