Friday, November 16, 2012

There's a new ELF in town!

That right! Meet Christopher Pop-in-Kins.  He "popped in" yesterday apparently because the Christmas season is just around the corner and he likes to start early.  He is similar to the well-known "Elf on the Shelf", but he just seems much MUCH more friendly to me, what do you think? 

Look at that sweet face. 

It was very kind of him to bring the girls treats when he arrived. 
He brought along his story that explains everything.  Since Santa is the only one from the North Pole who gets to see the children on Christmas Eve, and Christopher desperately wants to see the children too, Santa decided to let Christopher "pop-in" and see what the kiddos are up to.   

He is a mischievous little elf and we think Santa let him come here to see how sweet little girls should behave - but watch out! His behaviors depend on their behaviors.   Oh dear. 
Children can never touch Christopher, only grown ups, or he loses his magic and has to "pop-in" back to the North Pole. 

Doesn't he look so innocent? 

We quickly found out HE WAS NOT. 

 Twice now in the 24 hours since he has arrived we have found him being very naughty indeed.  Hmmm, must be because the kids are being naughty too. 
But apparently he is now seeking our forgiveness. 

 What a sweet little elf.  
 Looks like the Christmas season is going to be a little more (ahem) interesting around here this year. 

(And just for the record - no my kids don't believe in Santa, 
and yes we do celebrate the REAL meaning of the season.) 

This is just simply FUN!  Stay tuned for more of what this little guy gets himself into. 


Susie said...

Oh! He is adorable :-)