Sunday, April 6, 2008

I had to add in the funny part of this story. To get all these stones home from the store, we had to rent a utility truck. Well, when they placed the pallet of stones into the truck with the forklift, we were all wondering if it would exceed the maximum load of the truck. We knew the pallet weighed over 3,000 lbs, and that was right at the trucks load limit. Of course, the two big girls had to ride in the truck with Dad, so they hopped in. Everyone had their fingers crossed - then Richard jumped in and the alarm went off! TOO HEAVY!! (now that makes you feel kinda' heavy!) Then the forklift dude insisted that he just needed to rearrange and center the pallet and it wouldn't be a problem, so after several very loud alarms going off, they got it positioned just right and the alarm stopped. We started on our not so very long journey home, as the truck followed me and Boo in the van. Well, every single bump in the road made the truck BEEEEEEP very, very loud!! Richard was not a happy camper, beeping down the road. But me and Boo just had to giggle.


Florida Girl said...

That is really funny. Sorry Richard. I love your new project. You all did really good. Can't wait to see more when the flowers are in.

Kimberly said...

TOO FUNNY! I can totally picture the whole trip! Were the girls completely embarrassed? You guys did an amazing job! It looks great. Steve would like the scoop on the stones you used as he is trying to decide what to do under our big oak tree out front.