Tuesday, May 27, 2008


After our not-so-lovely day on Sunday, Monday turned out to be just great. We had our friends the Webbs over for a cookout and had a great time just hanging out and playing in the yard. We played until dark and the girls (all six of them!) had fun playing with glowsticks, instead of a bonfire - close enough, right?
Here's my boys behaving so sweetly. Notice the poor little collars they are wearing? They are being trained with an invisible fence for a few days. Poor things. They have actually learned REALLY quickly and are so good about staying in the yard now. The collars give them a warning beep if they get too close to the perimeter. Aren't they getting big?
The whole gang (minus the photographer), much like herding cats.
Boo and Maddie. She loves her so much.
Here we are thinking we look so sweet and pretty (well you know what I mean). We had no clue, yep that hubby belongs to me.
Funny faces with Daddy.

Hannah's snapdragons (did I tell you she has a green thumb?).

Only Emily can pull off playing football in a poodle skirt.
A little bit of friendly help....Quite possibly the worst-ever case of bed-head. This was after we learned of her "Bad Dweam" about the cow that was in her room in the night.

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Nana said...

These pictures are great. Your girls are so precious and each one so entirely original. I am going to get Hannah to help me with my flowers. She is a naturalist. I believe I have said that before. Her and I have a lot in common, only her things grow much better than mine. I would "never" have guessed who's hubby that was:)

Jennie said...

That "bed head" cracked me up. Tell Emily I'm looking forward to singing with her and she can help me cook dinner too.