Tuesday, September 30, 2008


A few weeks ago, while reading through my friend Pam's blog,
she had some pictures of her little Brooke playing with play-doh. I realized (rather ashamedly) that I had NEVER let Emily play with play-dough. (She gets it in Sunday School!!) Probably that third kid thing. I had done my play-doh time, I was done. No more scraping it off the floors, digging it out of the carpet, combing it out of hair, retreiving it from the dog's mouth. And then I started to feel a little guilty. I remembered we had a huge container of nothing but play-doh "stuff" - tucked deep in the storage room somewhere. I got up the nerve to drag the thing out - there was play-doh in there that was probably 13 years old. Seriously, some of it had even crystalized. Daddy happened to be home that day - he decided that Miss Emily NEEDED to have some fresh play-doh. So the three of us went to the store and she had a rather difficult time choosing which colors to get. (Yep, the play-doh selection can be rather overwhelming). Boo and Daddy had great fun that day with the play-doh. She had a great time finding all the treasures in that old play-doh container full of stuff - the classic barber's chair, Dr. Drill and Fill, the list goes on. It's funny how after the first kid or two, those things seem like they just aren't worth all the hassle. Then you grow up (and so do your kids), and you start to really treasure those times when they are still so small. And how something as simple as play-doh can bring such great joy. One of the very nice "side effects" of having a teenager and a toddler in the same household, is that Mom and Dad really start to understand how quickly they grow up, and start to treasure the moments in a way they didn't before. Play-doh moments are a treasure too. Thanks Brooke.

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Florida Girl said...

Brooke and I looked at this together. She seems to want to be near me when I check in on the computer these days. She was most excited to see that Play-Doh was involved in today's post. She gasped--for real and said "Tay-Doh!"

PS-I am SO glad to see that you have those tiny little pieces that fall to the floor on a minute by minute basis!

Nana said...

Play Doh, what a great idea. Steph and I were just talking tonight how Tanek needed something new to play with. I don't believe he has ever played with play doh. I will have to try it. However, he doesn't like stuff on his hands so he may not like it. We'll see.
Emily seems to enjoy it a lot and looks like she got several colors.