Monday, September 29, 2008


Hi there!! It's me, Emily. I'm going to tell you all about my very first day at ballet. This is me at my house all ready for my first class. First we have to take my sisters to school - and then we're off!!
This is right when I got to my ballet school. I went in and mom helped me get my real ballerina shoes on. Those shoes just always make me start dancing. I think I'm a little bit nervous about being a real ballerina, I'm just not sure about leaving mom to learn how to dance. See my fingers? They were a little nervous too.
I was the first one there, so my nice teacher let me go in and check things out. This is the very first time I walked into my class. Mom got all teary thinking about how many more times I would walk into here. This is where my big sister first learned to do ballet, and with the same teacher too. Everyone says Miss Lindsay is so nice. I'll decide that for myself. I have lots of big girl friends that dance here - Madison, Karlie, Madeline, Hannah, - one day I want to dance just like them.
I think my feet were getting a little bit "apprehensive" too.
I just met my teacher Miss Lindsey. I think we just might get along fine. She is so pretty, just like a real ballerina (like me).
Miss Lindsey told me that I am a princess. How did she know? She put these princess things on me, but I'm not quite sure I feel like a princess yet.
Oh wait, yep, I feel some "princess" coming on. I think it's the tiara.
I think I'm going to like this place.
I can't wait to go tell mom ALL about my first dance class.
Bye Miss Lindsey. I think I love you.

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Alice said...

Heather - so beautiful! What great memories you are building for both you and Emily. I love the way you wrote from her perspective. How do you ever get anything done? I'd just be hugging and kissing and snapping photos all day long :)

Anonymous said...

Oh, sweet sweet girl. Isn't it bittersweet doing those special things with your youngest?

Wendy said...

I've been wondering about ballet and when it would officially begin. I, too, love how you wrote from Boo's perspecive. Absolutely beautiful pictures and wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing!

Jennie said...

Oh I miss her so much. tell her aunt Jennie is getting her birthday presents ready and I will send them soon.

Nana said...

Miss Emily you are a beautiful princess and a beautiful ballerina. You will be a great dancer. I can't wait to see you dancing in real life. I love you Miss Emily. Enjoy your dancing lessons. You are a beautiful dancer.

Florida Girl said...

We actually made the second comment on this earlier today and when I went to post it failed. Ugh!

Anyway-these are so, so cute and Brooke enjoyed them right from the start. Emily has inspired her to pull out her own "dance dress" and she has been running around in it all day. She returns to the computer and asks for Emily's dance videos sometimes--I don't think she will ever forget them so don't you dare take them down or she may have a melt down.

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

Pam- I promise I won't take them down - we would have melt-downs around here too. At least once a day Miss Boo asks to watch herself dance on the computer and sing "shunshine".