Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yeah!!! I'm so excited I finally figured out the sizing - so here is the secret..... the girl that designed my blog is a "Blogger Genious", it's official. Anyway, she has a friend who figured out the resizing issue. Pretty much, you have to resize your pictures to no larger than 800x600 pixels (I do this in PhotoShop). It works great for vertical pictures, but the horizontal ones are more tricky. They can't be any wider than 600 pixels. However, for some reason, I can only get them to work at 544 pixels wide (????, but it works). Then you have to upload your images to Photobucket. It adds an extra step, so is it worth it? Possibly. Then you take the hTML code and paste it into your blog. Here is a link to the more detailed instructions she gives.
Happy resizing.

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Florida Girl said...

No storm drains and if they are storm drains--they are beautiful!

Sorry "you know who you are . . . "

Just kidding. :)