Monday, September 22, 2008


I'm finding myself today feeling so incredibly blessed, I can't seem to hold the tears in. I just need to share how wonderful our God is. Sometimes I wonder when the real life struggles are actually going to arrive - are they here and I just don't realize it? Or is it all in my perspective? I can see God working in my life and in my children's lives, and it is so exhilirating. I just got off the phone with Hannah's teacher, and I am simply at a loss for words. I feel so honored that God has placed our family in such a wonderful school, that He has blessed us with teachers for our girls that couldn't be a more perfect fit. How often is it that one gets to hear such incredible wonderful things about our own child when we get that call from school? When a teacher diligently prays for my child that God would show us exactly what she needs. When a teacher prays together with me, over the phone, thanking the Lord for placing this precious girl in her class. When the teacher tells you that your child blesses her? When grades really don't matter all that much, it's her heart that we are longing to see grow wise, strong, compassionate and eloquently spoken. Thank you Lord, for teachers - for amazing christian women who have passionately devoted themselves to our children.
Why has God blessed ME with so much? A great husband - who does everything he can to make our marriage wonderful - even if I don't realize it? Lord, help me to be what my husband needs. Why did He choose me to shepherd the most amazing group of teenage girls on the planet? They teach me so much more than I teach them. Lord, show me the path to lead these girls on - that they may follow you in every area of their lives. How did I end up with the priveleged job of teaching hundreds of preschoolers (yes, all at the same time) about Him? And make it so much fun along the way? Why did he give me the gift of photography? Of all people? I pray that I honor Him with every picture I take.
My prayer today is that everyday, I can see and feel His goodness surrounding me. I pray that every day my number one goal is to live for Him and please Him, honor and glorify Him in every single thing that I do. Thank you Lord, for the blessings that are overflowing in my life.

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Florida Girl said...

Nana said...

God Choose you because you were willing and available and love people. He Blesses you because you are obedient to Him. And when the trials come you will be able to handle them because you have a thankful heart and look for the good in everything. We all have trials and it is a lot in our perception. Sometimes trials are not as severe to some people because the way they preceive life. You do have a Blessed life and a lot of the reason is because of your Thankfullness for it and your desire to serve Him. You can't outdo God. He wants to Bless His children when they live in His will. Not that we don't have hard times but He does like to give good gifts to his children. Enjoy the Blessings and keep serving God. When any trials come your way, God will be there first. Love you. You are a blessing to us. And of course my wonderful grand-daughters and son. I also feel very blessd.

Heather O'Steen Photography said...

AND - could we be more blessed to have such a WONDERFUL Nana???