Thursday, September 25, 2008


When I opened the mail today, I was so surprised to discover this envelope- notice the return address says "Back Yard". I recognized the address as my childhood neighbhor. Over the past year, my very oldest childhood friend and I have reconnected through e-mails, blogging, and a shared, unparalleled passion for photography. You can find her blog HERE.


I opened the envelope and found this baggy that says...
We have spent hours reminiscing about special moments shared together throughout our childhood - it's strange how many things come back to you (and how very odd they are) when you really stop and think about it. I mentioned in an e-mail once about how I remembered where there was a little place in her backyard where apparently a fish aquarium had been emptied, and how I loved playing with the colorful rocks.
She shared these memories with her mom, and her mom mailed me some of these priceless little rocks straight from my childhood!! Can you believe that over 30 years later, she still had some of them in her yard? They certainly are no longer as colorful as they used to be. Maybe it was more than an aquarium that had been emptied, but that is what I remembered it to be. I can't wait to find a tiny little glass jar of some sort to put them in. I think they will permanently live in my kitchen window. Thank you Ruth Ann - for bringing back a special little piece of me. It made me think about how God orchestrates our lives. How he can use something so simple and ordinary, even rocks, to do extraordinary things in our hearts. I thought of how the colors had faded over time, but in a way, they were even more beautiful now, in their old age. And I knew without a doubt that they were the very same rocks. I thought of how the simple things that we can do for others, can mean so very much to someone. I marvel at the way He plans our paths to cross others lives at the most perfect timing, and then bring them back together again decades later. What wonderful gifts our God gives us. How great is our God.

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Florida Girl said...

I am of course teary eyed and cracking up all at the same time. Mom told me yesterday that she had done that and tonight I glanced over at my blog list and knew immediately that your "priceless gift" was those rocks. I have never been more excited to link over. Those aqaurium rocks have been through 35 years of kids and everything that has gone on in that yard. Everyone of my chidren and the other grandchildren have all come up to the "world's heaviest sliding glass door" at some point, telling Ganny (my Mom) that they found treasure in the yard and she needed to see it. Each time this has happened when I was there to hear--you were remembered by my heart. I have the sweetest memories sitting there in the dirt with you, holding those very rocks. You are right Heather, they are even more beautiful than ever and I love that some of them now reside in Maryland in your kitchen window.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Oh, blessing isn't even enough of a word for what you've received. I'm meeting up with my childhood best friend next week. I think I'm inspired to make our get-together even more meaningful.

Wendy said...

Heather and Pam--I can't begin to imagine what it feels like to have a childhood friend! You see, I've never lived anywhere, my entire life, longer than 5 years. But, although I've moved more times than I can remember, I wouldn't change the book, full of many chapters, that God has written for me. God defines our lives so differently, yet He allows special people to come into our lives and touch our hearts--if not for a moment, for a lifetime. I absolutely LOVE that Pam's Mom still has 1) the SAME house 2) rocks from 3 decades ago that have stood the test of time and from the sounds, many more children and 3) the heart to share a piece of your childhood with you! Thanks for sharing such an amazing and heartwarming story with all of us.

Florida Girl said...

I came back just to see if there were any additional comments and I never expected the sweetest note in all the world. Your words touched my heart and made me really stop to count all of my many blessings. Thank you for taking the time to write what you did about my precious Mom. Sheis a treasure on earth to me. I love your blog and Heather is right--your photos are becoming quite professional! Your boys are so handsome.