Monday, September 1, 2008


Last weekend, Hannah was invited to go to the Orioles vs Yankees game at Camden Yards with her BFF Madison. They had the most unbelievable seats - right next to the dugout (it's all about WHO you know, right????). Enjoying their favorite snack - Dippin Dots!!

They were so close to the dugout, that one of the players handed one of the balls right to them!! Madison being the sweetest friend that she is, graciously handed it to Hannah. Is that a true friend or what?
Hannah is so proud of her newest treasure (with real baseball dirt on it!), Dad is pretty proud too - an offical Orioles/Yankee baseball!!!!

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Florida Girl said...

Hannah is so sweet and I love the picture of her holding the ball out.

Karen said...

Very fun! Auntie Karen loves the baseball games too - lots of yummies to eat!

Jennie said...

That's too cute. Danny had 5 seconds of fame when he went to a Rays game recently. His head and waving arm is actually in the shot of the game winning hit as they showed the ball rolling off toward the stands. He has showed it to us on the internet and yells, "that's me, that's me!"

Wendy said...

Noah and Alexander's Papa Larry LOVES the Yankees! It'll be our little secret that you have a game ball!! LOVE the pictures--Hannah--looks like you had a great time with your BFF!