Friday, September 12, 2008


Yes, this is one amazing woman - I know most days she doesn't feel like it, but trust me, she is. She is an exceptional mother to three little (and not so little) girls. She is an inspirational wife. Every time I hear her speak with such love to her husband, I feel convicted about how I speak to mine. She has a desire to feed her family completely organic (are you kidding me?). Yes, she even grinds her own grains to bake her own bread. She has an unquenchable thirst for more knowledge, thus devouring anything that might have printable words on it within arms reach. She is now an official teacher at our school, drawing upon that Master's Degree in Education that has been on the back burner for how many years now?? At least 13. She is a willing servant, ready to serve the Lord at a moments notice. She has a compassion that again convicts me. She has Godly wisdom beyond her years. She is an amazing friend that is ALWAYS ready to go to lunch, to listen, give Godly advice, put things in perspective, and keep me cracking up about entirely nothing. She is never-ending in her encouragement to me in regards to my parenting skills, my cooking skills (or lack thereof), running my photography business, and encouraging me in leading my group of 8th grade girls (and yep, her daughter is one of them). She is one of those friends who is even willing to swap clothes! We garden together (hoist hostas), deceptively cook together, serve in Children's Ministry together, carpool together, worship together, celebrate holidays together, paint rooms together, shop together, discipline our children (or each others) together, laugh together, and cry together. She was there moments after my last baby was born. Our kids are growing up together. She is one of those friends who always knows exactly what I'm thinking, and will even complete my sentences. Between the two of us, we can actually keep up with our schedules. She is one of the first friends I met when we moved to Maryland, this summer it will be 10 years! I am so extremely blessed to have her in my life. Thanks Joanne - for everything you add to my life as my very best friend.

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Anonymous said...

I concur. She is one amazing woman. I'd love to know her as well as you do. I'd love to know you both better. You're both amazing women!

Anonymous said...

Heather! I am absolutely floored! Its obvious God must be working through me if you're able to see all that in my life. Or should I say God is peeking out all over the place through the cracks in this plain, old vessel. I love you too!