Wednesday, October 1, 2008


One of my favorite things in the world is when one of my girls picks flowers for me. I think it's because I remember so vividly walking "around the block" to pick flowers for my own mom anytime I wanted to express my love for her. Emily's favorite flowers are dandelions. I love how excited she gets when she finds one. Yesterday, she brought these two to me as if they were absolutely cherished by her. She said "These are just for you Mommy, You can put them in your room in a vase." Now I usually put the flowers they pick for me in a little plastic cup, mainly because of the size ratio. But yesterday, it occurred to me how precious this gift was in Emily's eyes. I decided then to start using the nicest vase I could find for all of those fresh-picked-for-Mommy flowers. I doesn't matter anymore if they fit or not.
I pray that my life reflects these tiny little flowers in a big vase. We are so small and weak, but God can be our beautiful large vase. He can fill us up and do great things in our lives. The things that we think of as 'weeds' in our own lives, can be made into beautiful things if we let Him. It's all about what we do with those weeds that really matters.

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Florida Girl said...

Next time you are here--we are gonna take that old cherished "walk around the block" that I remember so fondly. Too bad that the fountain is not uptown anymore--we could walk uptown for vanilla cokes and crinkle cut french fries paid for by the quarters in my Mom's shell dish with the red velvet bottom. Have I ever told you that my friend Kellye was our waitress back then? I agree--these flowers are perfect and deserve the finest vase ever!

Miss you a lot. ♥

Jennie said...

Beautifully said. Emily you found the most perfect flowers ever.