Saturday, October 18, 2008


Today was a perfect day to visit the pumpkin patch - sunny and cold - a perfect Maryland autumn day. We started our traditional pumpkin picking day with pumpkin bread for breakfast. We have visited this place every fall since we left Florida. This year marked our 10th anniversary of visiting Lohr's Orchard. It's so hard to believe!! Usually we pick apples as well as pumpkins, but the apple season is pretty much over now. We think it's going to be a cold winter since the apples were ripe a little earlier than usual. Instead we bought some apples and plan on making caramel/chocolate/candy covered apples tonight while staying warm in front of the fireplace - it's such a chilly day!!
Emily enjoyed finding the most perfect "punkin". She decided on two. I guess because she is two.
Hannah always takes the most time picking out her pumpkin. She is my very careful shopper. She will look at EVERY available option before she makes her decision. This makes for quite a while spent in the pumpkin patch. Look at the shape of this one she considered - so unique!
Waiting for Hannah....... and making up songs about our little Punkin' (her nickname since she was a baby) pickin a punkin in the punkin patch. She always names her pumpkin "Patches", at least she did when she was five, six and seven years old. So now, she continues the tradition just because. So, meet Patches version 2008.
And we all know what happens when the photographer gets caught in front of the lens instead of behind it.....
Boys will be boys. We were laughing remembering the year that we were pumpkin picking and I was very pregnant with Emily. We had gone with about three or four other families, and all the ladies in the group decided to put a pumpkin under their shirts and all stand beside my pregnant belly. I think my belly was still the biggest. I'll have to find that picture sometime.....
Decision made!!
Kirsten and Hannah riding on the hayride - I love the very wind blown look!!

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Anonymous said...

"Happy fall yall" aunt steen your so corny-hehe i love it!! and i also really like the picture of kirsten/pumpkin and her daddy they look very happy in that picture!! my seconf favorite would have to be the wind blown look pic of kirsten and hannah it looks so spontanious!!! cant wait to meet patches!!


Anonymous said...

Fun! You konw, we've been to the pumpkin farm three times this fall and haven't gotten ourselves a pumpkin!

Wendy said...

Your wonderful pictures remind me of our many trips to Lohr's Orchard with y'all--such sweet memories!!
Happy Fall to Y'all too!

Jennie said...

Looks like ya'll had so much fun. We had our first "cool" day today. 60 this morining and 80 this afternoon. woo hoo!

Karen said...

Jennie, that's hilarious! Heather, the pics are so beautiful!

casey ryan said...

Wow Kirsten you look a lot older. I thought you were a friend of your mom's or someone but when I took a closer look it was you. You are growing up so fast.