Thursday, October 16, 2008


I SAVED $99.06 AT THE GROCERY STORE TODAY!!! For real!! So, I got inspired after reading a friend's blog about doing something called The Grocery Game if you are interested. I actually am pretty disappointed in that site, as I find it is very inaccurate for the store that I shop at. HOWEVER - it did inspire me to start clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper, and really start paying attention to the sales ads as well. And that is how I saved almost $100 today!! I only clipped coupons for the things that I KNOW we will use. ( I have done the coupon thing before and would buy stuff and never use it.) So, after only two Sunday papers worth of coupon clipping (maybe 30 minutes total), and after a two-hour grocery store trip (that's the yucky part), I bagged some major savings. Once I get a little more organized with it, the actual shopping should not take as long (factor in a 2-year-old as well). I usually do major shopping like this every two weeks, so a $300 bill is pretty accurate for us. I also picked up a few things at Walgreen's that were on sale, as well as using some coupons, and I saved $15.68 there as well!! There are just not many things that are more thrilling to me than saving a ton of money!!


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Florida Girl said...

I read great things about that game. Guess I should be on board. Nice job on your bill!

Jennie said...

Ok you need to tell me more about this. I clip coupon but it probably only saves me about five buck a week.

MegganB said...

I'm totally all about this! I just started doing this too - so funny! It's so gratifying isn't it?!?