Saturday, October 4, 2008


The kids were out of school on Friday, so Joanne and I decided to have an educational day in Washington DC!! On this trip we decided to visit the National Archives, the Capitol Building, and the Library of Congress. The weather was perfect! The big girls LOVE the movie National Treasure, and they were so thrilled to be able to see where it was filmed. It was also so fun to see the ACTUAL Declaration of Independence, as well as the Constitution. They studied these in fifth grade, and at one time could recite so many of these documents, but they couldn't seem to remember much of it yesterday, it has been three years after all.

The REAL Declaration of Independence. They keep these documents in a very dark room and allow no flash photography so that the lights won't enhance the deterioration of the paper.
The Constitution
WHAT are they looking at?
We decided that since we were in DC on THE day that the bill was being voted on regarding the Wall Street "bail out", that it was a great learning opportunity for our girls about our freedom of speech. Our two families have different views on whether the bill should be passed. So we decided to let the girls make their own little "protest" signs and stand on the steps of the Capitol Building and exercise their freedom of speech. It was pretty cool to think that inside the building, the bill was being voted on. The girls got to learn a little more about their "inalienable rights" than we had expected when a National Security Officer came up to us and informed us that we actually had to have a permit to petition or demonstrate on the steps of the Capitol building. He was very kind when we explained we were just going to be there one minute for a photo opportunity. Apparently even two-year-olds need a permit. Who knew?
The Supreme Court
Inside the Library of Congress
Kirsten looking at part of Thomas Jefferson's library, again very low lights to preserve the books. There were some beautiful bibles in there.
Shelby holding up the Washington Monument from VERY far away!!
Playing on the steps of the Supreme Court. Photobucket

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Nana said...

What a great opportunity and how much fun and still educational. The only time I every visited DC I was about Kirsten's age and I still remeber how exciting it was.
I think it is neat that they got to protest. Starting a little young maybe?

Anonymous said...

ahh i love the pic their really great it really was a wonderful oppurtunity to get to see all those things an oppurtunitie alot of people take for granted!! well im so gladddd we got to go with u guys and i was wondering if u could email me some of the pictures of me and shelby and kirsten and also the ones of us laying down,those were really cute!!!-Maddie

Florida Girl said...

I love these and it REALLY makes me want to go SOON.

PS-in times like rules and regulations . . . aren't you so glad that you have a way above average light sensor in your camera??!

Jennie said...

What a fun day. Wish I could have been there.

Anonymous said...

What a FUN trip! See, I told you you DO already homeschool. Lol.

You are brave. Just yesterday we passed the station where I used to catch the train for my job in DC, and the kids begged me to take them there. I'm such a chicken! Lol.

Whitney said...

I LOVE these! I love that not a lot of people were there on field trips, vacations, etc. . .makes it seem like just an ordinary place! But definitely not! These are SO awesome! :)

Alice said...

Awesome, fun shots! I want to go on a field trip with you guys - lol! too bad we live so far away! Seriously, I really love the photos - and what great memories you're making with your kids! Thanks for sharing them with us :).