Saturday, March 13, 2010


Last night was Banana's slumber party - it was so much fun! When the girls arrived, they were handed a roll of toilet paper and were told "take as much as you think you will need" - that was all. They cracked me up!! After everyone had what they wanted - they had to share one fact about themselves for each square of TP they had in their hand. A great "get to know you" game. Photobucket
Then they played a game called M&M challenge. They close their eyes and pick two M&Ms out of a bowl, if they are the same color, they could eat them, if they were not the same color, they had to just hold them in their mouths and hope that the next time they picked two of the same color, if not - well, there were lots of chimpmunk looking cheeks full of M&Ms!!!
This was a very fun game! Since the party had a "spa" theme, we played spin the bottle of nail polish. We had about ten different colors of polish, and whover the lid of the bottle pointed to, they had to paint ONE toe nail with the color -
Here are the results!! This was a great game for a spa party!
And then the teenage helpers game the girls some nice pedicures and manicures.
And the puppies enjoyed helping ! Banana and Punkin sewed these doggie spa robes for the boys to help hold all the lotions and such - aren't they the cutest? Photobucket
The boys REALLY enjoyed licking the lotion off everyones feet!
Banana always cracks up when she gets a foot massage!
And the classic mummy wrap! It was so fun to hear these girls talk about everything they learned about Egyptian history when they were in second grade (they are very grown up fourth graders now!!)
Mummy Banana got a little thirsty.
And the evening ended with them all crashing on the floor in the basement watching our favorite "Anne of Green Gables". What a great party!!


Nana said...

What a fun party. I love the candles on your cake, the robes on the boys and the red spot on Maddies nose. Glad your birthday turned out so good.

Kris said...

Heather - what great ideas for a slumber party. I hope you don't mind we are going to use your ideas tonight for our slumber party tonight.

Kris, Laney and Izzy