Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It's that time of year when we are starting to get a few breaks in the weather. It has been beautiful the past few days - but now we are in for four straight days of cool rainy weather. The girls were able to get back out to the barn yesterday for the first time since before Christmas. They were so excited to see the horses again!
Oh how I missed you Smokey Joe!!
Are you hot Tank??
There are some new baby calves at the farm and Boo was thrilled! They are sooo sweet.
Banana has done some growing over the winter - she is finally tall enough to be able to get the bit and bridle over the horses head by herself!!
Miss Mollie striking a pose!
And what kid can resist a mud puddle?
a BIG mud puddle...
a very muddy, mud puddle


Alice said...

i love the upside-down-hanging kitty! beautiful pictures, heather, i love the horses.

Karen said...

Ok. So I would LOVE to have baby cows! How fun for the girls! Cute pics of the fun mud puddle.

Nana said...

Love the pictures especially the poor upside down kitty. I know the girls were excited to get back on the horses. We have rain too. Lots of it. Yesterday was so pretty and today is just rain, rain, and more rain. Can you please order some pretty weather for April 8-13? I would sure appreciate it. Warm, and sunny
P L E A S E !!!

Jennie said...

Love the last one of Boo and the the last one of Kirsten - she looks just like you in that picture.