Friday, March 19, 2010


We have been busily learning American History this year. Honestly, I used to hate history. I remember all those boring textbooks in school that made history sound....well.....boring. It has become much more interesting to me now that we are reading and learning about history in different ways, such as through living books. Books about people who lived through that time, and the real stories that go along with it. For instance - did you know that when Paul Revere started off on his famous ride - that he forgot his spurs? He also forgot to grab some fabric that he intended to wrap around the oars so that he could more silently row into the Charles River. On his way, he yelled up to a lady in her window and asked for any extra fabric she might have - well, she immediately took off her petticoats and dropped them down which he tore into strips to use for his purpose. To get his forgotten spurs (which I would imagine would be CRUCIAL for his midnight ride), he wrote a quick note to his wife, attached it to his dog who had followed him, and told his dog to go home - not long after - the dog returned with the spurs attached to his collar!! Now that is the stuff that makes history come alive to kids!! Hannah has memorized parts of the famous poem - she has worked on this for about two weeks.

The book series "A History of US" has been a great resource for learning about history. I highly recommend them, but we have used so many other great books this year too!


Another series we love is the "And Then What Happened" series - they are full of fun and interesting facts about history. Photobucket