Friday, March 12, 2010


Welcome to your double digit life!! This is quite the birthday year in our house - Miss Boo will turn five this year (one whole hand), and Banana turns ten today (two whole hands), and Punkin will be fifteen (two hands and one foot!!). I remember when Boo was born trying to picture what it would be like in five years at ages 5, 10 and 15 and I couldn't even imagine. It goes by so fast. Happy Double Digit Birthday Banana!! Our whole family woke up Banana this morning by singing Happy Birthday to her.
Then she sleepily opened her gifts this morning - isn't she so sweet all sleepy faced?? She has been asking for some really good binoculars for bird watching.
Daddy picked out this purple tennis racket for her - she is loving purple lately (I wonder where she gets that from NANA??)
She was SOO excited to open this gift from her Nana - A singing bird alarm clock that goes with her Identiflyer, which is a very cool bird call identifier gadget that has special cards which are interchangeable with her clock now.
Thats the look of sleepy happiness!
Her sisters gave her this UP ds game - we LOVE that movie!
I'm so proud of the young lady you are becoming Banana. You make us so proud - we hope you have the BEST birthday ever. Stay tuned for lots of giggly girl slumber party pictures coming up tonight!!


Wendy said...

Double digits are a BIG deal--have a wonderful, wonderful celebration--looks like you're off to a great start! Happpy 10th Birthday Hannah from the Martins!!

Nana said...

Happy Birthday Hannah. I can't wait to come and watch birds with you. We can wake up together with the birds singing on your clock. Keep loving purple it the best color of all. It stands for Royalty in the Bible and we are royal...our Father is a King! Have a wonderful birthday. We love you.

Jennie said...

Happy Birthday Miss Hannah. You are one beautiful young lady. I would LOVE to go bird watching with you someday soon.
Love, Aunt Jennie

CE Webster said...

Happy Birthday, Banana
Looks like a great one.