Tuesday, March 16, 2010


With the little bit of warm weather we had last week, the girls and I decided it was time to plant some seeds indoors. We found these great seed planting kits at the local hardware store. Banana picked out a kit for planting spring bulbs.

Boo and I decided to plant our very favorite - Petunias!! I spend so much money on planting Petunias every year, that I thought this would be a much more economical way to still get lots of flowers without paying lots of money!!


These kits are just the best - they come with a compressed disc of soil that expands when they are watered, and are held together by a small mesh pouch that you can plant right in the ground.


It was a lot of fun to watch the soil "grow" after we watered it.


And the top shelf in our sunny school room corner has been made into a mini-greenhouse. We will keep you posted on the growth of our little seedlings!



Nana said...

Now here is a project I can get into. I am SO ready to be planting. So far none of the nurseries have what I am looking for. I guess our winter put all the plants coming in later than norm. Good luck with your plants.

SGB said...

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Enjoy ever minute they grow oh so fast!