Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Yesterday Banana said to me "I want to do math the old fashioned way". Hmmmm....should I ask? "Okay Banana, what is the old fashioned way?", she replies "It's when we do math on the chalkboard just like I did last year in school". So, we get out our 21st century homeschool math that is entirely on her bright purple laptop - and we transpose her problems onto the chalkboard. Just like the good 'ol days.
I love the contrast of her bright purple high-tech math teaching machine - next to the antiquated black and white chalkboard.
Whatever works I tell ya, whatever works.
Don't you just wonder what this one is thinking about? She was begging me to sit down and do math with her. She LOVES math. She is doing Horizons Kindergarten Math.Photobucket
She was very proud of how neatly she wrote her numbers today.
And here she is working on Explode the Code . She really likes this workbook as well, it's a great phonics based curriculum, and is just the right challenge for her.
LOVE the tongue in this one. PhotobucketPhotobucket
Pardon the poor quality of this picture, I took it with my I-phone. Boo started swim lessons today. She was super excited!!

Can you believe this was 5 minutes after her FIRST ever swim lesson? The depth of the water was well over her head. I'm so proud of her.


Wendy said...

Love that Banana enjoyed the "old-fashioned way" to do math. WOW--little Boo is quite the little fish--amazing!

Nana said...

Wow that is great Emily. You are a quick learner. Good job on your math Hannah.