Friday, February 26, 2010


It's that time of year again - the much anticipated Daddy Daughter Dance. Banana just couldn't wait to get ready, (and since I have to set up for the photography for the evening, get two little girls ready, and one teenager off to a weekend retreat, the earlier we start - the better!) and I couldn't wait to take some pictures of her in natural daylight, unlike the normal flash pictures we get in the evening.
I went in to get Boo from her rest time to start getting her ready, and she was in her normal place as of late, in her soft pink chair in front of her window, holding her American Girl doll, fast asleep with her little head perched on the back of her chair as she was gazing out her window. At least she will be refreshed and ready to go for her big night - she has waited years to be old enough to go too.
EDITED: Look who is awake and is ready to go!!!
PS) LOTS more pictures to come!!


Nana said...

It just doesn't get any sweeter than this. What 2 beautiful girls. Tell that daddy he better enjoy his nights out with these girls before they are big enough and some other guy steal their heart. Oh how I feel for him when he has to turn over the hands and hearts of these beautiful daughters he has. Can't wait to see more pictures. They are just beautiful and that is coming from a person who is not in any way biased.

Karen said...

They look so precious. And I love their hair! I cannot believe that Miss E is old enough for this event, and I'm sure she is excited beyond belief to go! Tell Hannah that I love her dress and shoes and she looks like a princess.

Alice said...

heather - your girls are so beautiful! little princesses, for sure! and i love their hair :)


When I grow up I want to look just like banana! WIll you do my hair like hers?? She looks soooo beautiful!

Wendy said...

Absolutely beautiful--two little princesses! LOVE the hair-dos! I'm glad they had a GREAT time with their Daddy (read 2 posts today)